Ants in my pants

It’s funny how finding a million tiny ants crawling all over your body can change the mood of the day. Don’t know where they came from? Don’t know how they came? But they conquered. I have little crawling insects, making my body their playground. I am running around, like a mad woman, scratching, and itching, and feeling sick. And no matter how hard i brush them away, i just seem to find 52 more!! It’s disgusting. I really do feel sick. I’m being eaten ALIVE by ANTS!! This is not how i wanted to go out. It’s nowhere even near being ‘ravaged by thieves!!’ My life sucks!! Eww…soooooooooooo gross! Save me! I’m gonna look like a twat all day now…walking around like i have an itchy twitchy. I think i need to cry. Not a good day to start my diet. I think i have ants in my tuna!! I’m gonna be sick.

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