Another merry day..

Yesterday was just one of those delicious days of marvel, where everything went right. I worked hard. I felt productive. All news was great news. I got my entire book finalizations emailed off and winked at and well in my kitty cat mind o f’ooh laa.’ I kinda asw what life had on offer and winged it with a nipple tassled shimmie.

I like it went everything goes right becaus in my life, it makes a fricking change. *Petal flower.* I’m being a GREAT mum. I’m feeling sexy. Loverboy is loved up to the nines..and yes with me, (who’d a thought that making out with a boy in a taxi would solidify forever. Infact would would’ve thought that walking past an 11 year old boy, when you’re a little girl, in a school corridor, would matter so much? I was walking past my future. Funny little thing life, innit. If i was ‘Chrissie Wunna 2005’ I’d totally be having a gin before work to celebrate that.)

But anyway, enough on the love front. Boring right? Yadda-yadda-fairytale. Plus, i’m weirdly watching coconuts be rolled around me by apes? But really nothing could’ve gone better than it actually did yesterday! I love ‘new productive, actually not a waste of a shimme anymore’ Wunna. Being ‘together,’ mentally stable and productive is bizarrely a great deal sexier. I know right…who’da thought? It’s a wacky fucking concept. But really does work. I could wink and roll in the ass right now, if i wanted. 🙂 (Pete’s bum looks at me like it hates me. I enjoy bitchy bums. Mines just…giddy.)

My book, my book my tiara for my book! I now cannot WAIT for my little bit of life, to be paged up, edited, made to sound interesting, than sold to you for keepsakes. I don’t think i’ve fully absorbed what’s happening? Yet, i’m always fancied myself as a bit of a Jackie Collins. However, i don’t need it to be fiction, as my tragic, shameful life of colour and glory feeds the ‘fact’ memo quite easily.

Hopefully, i have marvellous things on the horizon. But you never do know do you. I’ve always believed that if you wear the right outfit, great things happen to you. Add cleavage and dollies it’s unstoppable. (I dropped my bronzer this morning after a ferociously bronzing session. My mum called me this morning to tell me how proud she was of me. It energized me threefold and now i’m all over the moon.)

Incase you are moody today. Know that when you’re a bit more chipper, wonderful things happen. Cheer up ya miserable sods. It aint that bad.

Off to work. Nothing like a day of office work, around sweaty weight-lifting crotches! 😉


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