Another Day In Paradise

Just got home from quite a good day at work, where i sit tucked away in a magical office, above weight lifting hero’s and cross-training chicas and teens who squat to To say i slept on the sofa last night, due to my merry old ‘bicker-bicker’ with my little bit of ‘Handsome,’ and in a random pair of slutty secretary spectacles. I actually looked quite ‘work it, own it.’ I laid there last night in leopard print, with a giant duvet pulled over my head, whilst commiting to a giant Princess weep into a snotty ball of tissue, that not only was now covered in black mascara prints and smears of foundation. Yet, was already in an utter state of ‘already cried on.’ It was all hard and ball like and leaving tissue dust on my fake tanned nose.

Luckily Loverboy and I have made up, after I stormed out of the appartment this morning, with my tan,  faux fur coat and my ‘tude‘ of utter ‘atti.’ I think i’m bitchier when i’m in a faux fur? I didn’t even actually wear it this morning, I merely hung it over my left arm, like an accessory. (For those of you who desire to be ‘Vixen,’ know that a flung faux fur is almost a neccesity. *Pout. * If you don’t commit to the flung faux fur, know that you are nothing. 🙂 ) But as I left this morning, on the inside I felt terrible, because the last thing I saw was Pete laid in bed, on his side, under the covers looking so hurt as I told him that  I ‘HATED‘ him. He’s a good piece of ‘being’ therefore in a moment of ‘she reall ymight leave me,’ he quietly looked up at Me and asked  ‘How do I make this better?‘ The correct thing for me to do would be to refrain from being a glamourous, diamante dripped bratt  of ‘i’ll take it out on you, because i’m really fucking tired,‘ and gleefully make up with a cuddle. But no. I’m a twat and a twat on fricking chop suey firecrackers. (You don’t mess with asian chicks. We’re the ones with the roundhouse kick and the psycho ninja stars in the movies. Our Fairytales end in…blood or $50. 🙂 ) Therefore I think I commited to saying something mildy ‘shouty’ and hurtful, like ‘i don’t love you, i’m replacing you.’ Lol. ( I WILL get over myself one day. Just not today.) Oh and I say ‘mildy’ because now i have my beautiful daughter, there’s no shoutiness. Our fights are done in whispers and when she’s asleep. If  Ruby wakes up, we immediately turn all ‘Disney’ and start being overly smiley and cooey to nursery rhymes. Haha. Tragical. It’s hard to be angry when you have a tiny bundle of ‘tickle-fest’ farting right by you. Anyway it ended with him saying ‘If you want me to pick you up from work, I will. I can’t talk to you when you’re just being mean.’ The great thing about Pete is the fact that he’s very together and very mature. He is far too coolio in the most heated moments of despair. The little things don’t bother him, yet the big things make him fall to pieces. With me, i’ll dramatize the tiny molehills and well the giant mountains I can climb with a giggly ease, wine and laughter. Weird innit!

Long story short, we’ve made up, after I gave into my own stubborness, remembered how much I adore him and sent him a text reading, ‘Petey…i’m not mad anymore.’ After having a big old girly vent of laughter with Kelly (the hottie on the next desk to me, at work) who also stormed out of her house this morning screaming at her male counterpart over a mug of ‘Ovaltine.’ I really loving Kelly right now because i’m newly getting to know her better and beginning to see how similar we are. There was moment mid-vent where she kind of paused and said, ‘Yeah, as I stormed out, he said he was leaving me, so i think i better stop being mean now and make up. LOL.’ Anyway after comparing our feisty girlfriend stories of hell and admiring the beauty of one another over coffee. We then decided that drinking is the only answer and phoned our Mums for moral support. I loved that moment because it makes me think that Ruby and I will have those times of ‘Mum…do NOT tell him that I care AT ALL. I’m trying to make him think I don’t care!!’  (Pete’s always nice to me if i’m really drunky and probably because thinks i’ll ‘put out’ much more easily. It’s an opportunity not to be wasted.) Had a great afternoon at work with Kels. We then talked diets and babies. Then dabbled with the delicious art of sarcasm. A game i’m really quite good at!

Okay Pete’s response to my text was ‘Aww..i love you too’ and he called me with a new found joyous lust for life! He always forgives Me and well I need a man like that in my life. (Aww..Ruby’s in her Moses basket next to me sucking her dummy, like she’s ‘Maggie’ from The

I’m glad we’re all back to’ Fairytale’ again. We’ve kissed, had wine and made up. It’s actually funny writing out my life and then forgetting that people actually read it and know everythings that’s happened before i walk through the door. I’ve had so many people stop me today to randomly ask me if i’m ‘still sulking?‘ Lol. Blogs are greatness and because you’ve already explained yourself previously and before ‘the meet,’ kinda like you get you get a ‘teaser’ before you actually get to YOUR part in my life. Lol. It’s fun! (And I thankyou for all the messages of ‘hope it all gets better.’ I even got ones from Nigeria…and Asda. 🙂 )

The thing that made me forgive Petey was simply the fact that I wasn’t really mad. I was just stressed and exhausted. I loved him all along and well whenever I see Rubes, I realize how (after shots) and why (out of love) she was created and well nothing in this world is better than that! I also recieved an exciting phonecall today. Yet you’ll find that out later Dolls. (I’m juggling far too much right now, yet luckily, i’m finding it hilarious! I need a pair of spanx and my weave has gone baggy. Life couldn’t really be better! 😉 )

I’m off to have wine. I have work tomorrow morning then finally it’s the weekend!!! TFFT!!!

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