Annnnd…we have HEAT!!!!



OMG!!!!! And we finally have HEAT!!! Thank the GOOD flippin’ LORD! I think i’m in love with the boiler man. He swanned in with his tool box, with a modest ‘I’ll see what I can do…’ and an hour later, avec a wee bit of fiddly-diddly…i felt it. I FELT THE WARMTH!! Yipppeeee!

I immediately called Keiran, to report the good news! I mean, I had called him earlier when the boiler man initially arrived on command and the first thing he asked was ‘Did you check his ID??’ I smiled (which doesn’t work down the phone πŸ™‚ ) and said ‘Yes.’

He responded immediately with an ‘OMG! Why are you LYING!!’ HAHAHA. He’s with his Grandad so he’s having to be cutesy wootsey with me, over the phone. But as if HE checks for their ID. Hence why he knew I hadn’t. πŸ™‚

So, it turns out there was no spare part needed…GREAT! Meaning all that hotel money was for nothing. Wonderful! The new boiler man from a completely different company, saunters in, sorts its out in an hour and wham-bam…i’m sitting in a warming up living room and I’ve never felt better! I have HEAT! I’m SO HAPPY! I need to celebrate…but my shimmie is a waddle and my waddle is a bit ouchie right now! SO HAPPY!

I have potential heat swirling around me and i’ve never been so excited! I mean because the house has been left stood for 2 weeks in the cold it will take about 2 hours to fully sizzle up…but i’ve cranked up the dial and i’m chipper about the whole shindig. I’m happy dancing. I can do the washing. I can turn on the tap. I can have a shower. I can sit in the house without a fur on…AND both my hubby and Baby Ruby will be all smiles once more. Works out well with it being Keiran’s birthday tomorrow. At least now I can concentrate on sorting out his birthday, and enjoy it, instead of pulling faces in cold corners or checking out of hotels. In fact, the funny thing was that I was actually going to book a bouji hotel for his birthday night, because i had already taken him away to the forest cabin for a week previous. Yet now, i don’t think a hotel night is that special. Lol.

But i have a few tricks up my sleeve for him as always. Last year I took him away on holiday, had trumpet players arrive and fanfare him ‘Happy Birthday’ in our garden. I then had a barber shop choir turn up and sing to him, after a champagne breakfast, followed by a massage, followed by a champagne lunchy….plus gifts. Little gifts.

This year and because i’ve taken him away i’m going to get him what he wanted, plus add little bit of ‘more-more to his list. But i’ll have to keep it a secret, incase he just so happens to read this blog. To be honest, he actually might be in London tomorrow working…I don’t even know yet. So i might have to hold off…until I know for sure. But still…birthday’s are always fun. He always thinks everyone will forget his birthday. I never do. The day anyone’s born is MASSIVE.

Anyway, just a quick blog to inform you that I have heat. There’s meant to be some kind of moral to the story i’m sure. But what i’ve learnt is that, hotels rock when your boiler breaks down, so have savings or a rich folk to take care of you, incase this happens, because when it does, you might need to check in for a bit of ‘get warm quick’ luxury. πŸ™‚

God! Our little family….we have such stories!

ps/ I love that I banned Keiran from using his eyes on other women who are in thongs, hotter than me or fit, until I’m thin again. πŸ™‚ Wunna Land rocks. I literally sat with my hands over his eyes, during a bikini line on Dragons Den two nights ago. πŸ™‚ The cute thing is that he loves it…he laughs and then asks me why? I responded with an ‘Oh…because I feel fat, preggo and insecure right now.’ (Quite an expressive little kitty cat arent I. πŸ™‚ ) He agreed to it..with a ‘You’re my wife and i’ll do anything I can to make you feel secure whilst you’re carrying my son,’ AWWWWWWWW….how cute!!!! A major swoon-fest and that night…regardless…I loved him that little bit more.


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