And we’re in log cabin folks!!!

Monday morning my delicious hubby and i woke up, our hearts filled with true true love and our eyes filled with excitement. A hot bit of rumpy pumpy occured, then we jumped out of bed, hit on the Christmas music CD, grabbed Baby Ruby and got ready, got packed and got swagged up for our magical birthday/Christmas holiday away!

Oh yes! We’re here and we’re loving. I am currently blogging to to you, right now this very second from our luxury log cabin in Sherwood forest. IT IS AMAZING! We’ve loved, laughed, celebrated and hot tubbed…pretty much every day all day and let me tell you, it just feels wonderful and simply because we never get the chance to venture off into hideaway, where we have no-one bothering us at all! WE LOVE IT!

Monday morning was the best Monday morning ever. We were like little kids! The entire van was packed full to the brim and once done and dusted…we bundled in, Ruby in tow and ventured away to our forest retreat! (We did have to drive back twice, as Keiran forgot his trainers…then he forgot his tools….) but once we were on our way, it felt amazing! We cannot even being to tell you how great we feel and how marvellous it is here. I mean we are currently in the middle of a forest, in a beautifully decked out luxury cabin, and our strains of the day were hot tubbing and chillaxing. Keiran went on a 8 mile bike ride around the woods. I glammed up and played with Baby Ruby (who LOVES LOVES LOVES it here, i don’t think i have ever seen her so excited. She’s bouji…i mean at one…she is private hot tubbing, in the middle of a forest.) You really do look around you and see nothing but tall trees, wildlife and forest. We feel free, relaxed and want to stay here forever.

I WILL say that since being here, Keiran has felt like a little boy again and I have certainly found my sexy. If you haven’t seen me recently, know that i have a bump. I’m preggo. But OMG, i have rocked it and swagged it like a pussy-pussy-pussy cat I have been tottering around in tiny boobie nighties, frilly see through knickers, stocking socks and bikinis and Keiran has been loving it. We are bonking like rabbits and really getting into it. He looked at me this morning and said ‘i was really in love with you when we had sex this morning. It felt amazing.’ I likey! I love that i’ve been able to saunter around in next to nothing, with a wink. I don’t usually get to at home, as well the postman’ll come, my mum will then saunter in, and well you get my drift. Here we can be us and well that is all that matters. (Rubes has already passed out. Hot tubbing has got the better of her.)

This is our second day here and i just don’t want it to end. I have no signal and  i’m filled with love. Tomorrow we have archery…and well ofcourse TOMORROW WE HAVE MY BIRTHDAY!

YEP! Tomorrow on Dec 19th, i turn 32! So i can’t thank my beautiful hubby enough for bringing me here for my birthday, so i can turn 32, magically. (I’m looking at him now and he looks far to yummy for me to resist, so i’ll get back to you later…as i have a little ‘toyboy’ time to tend to, as the baby sleeps.

32 tomorrow!!! It feels great! How my life has changed! Wowsers!

Big hot kisses, from our little forest cabin.

ps/ You should all go on a luxury forest cabin break. It truely is magical, be it family time or for a bit of romance.

pps/ Keiran also told me off for getting undressed infront of a window, without realizing. I find him hot when he’s possessive. It’s a massive turn on for me. ‘No. You’re my wife. You’re pregnant and i don’t want other men looking at you.’ #sizzle (I’m too old and too preggo, to be this horny.)

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