And the Plot Thickens..

I’m in a really fun, almost infantile mood today. I believe ‘silly’ is the term and i’m having an absolute blast…although i am doing this rather random ‘mentally ill’ thing, where i laugh to myself, for no real reason. It’s like being tickled by horny ghosts. Infact talking about feeling frisky…I don’t know whether this happens to you or not, (especially my gays) but when i’m on my period, my ‘oochie wally’ as i like to call it…i don’t half turn into a giant horn ball. I mean I woke up on HEAT and i’m not even meaning this in a rank way, ‘ooh i’m so horny’ way. *Perv face* I’m actually finding it hilarious that due to a bundle of unbalanced hormones, I’m feeling as though i need to sexually rub up against things, that really don’t need my attention. Mops are turning me on. I’m an (insert swearing) Glamour Puss. I DON’T MOP!!! Infact I hate mops, they’re a waste of any beings time, when you can simply hire the ‘Merry Maids.’ (In LA you can also ‘hire a husband’ to come over and do all your D.I.Y crap. Really you can! I didn’t need too. Instead i went to Taco bell, after buying a cabinet thing from Ikea.. this is a true story, by the way, that i couldn’t for the life of me put together. I  strutted in. Bought a taco for 99c, found a random male, who fancied his chances. Took him back to mine and MADE HIM build my cabinet!!! HAHAHA! All i gave him was a series of winks and a Lucozade. HAHAHA! When he was done, he was all sweaty and ‘eww.’ Therefore i thanked him, told him i would hug him if he wasn’t so sweaty and then showed him out, past security who gave me a *wink.* I think he was Jewish?) Anyway…flew off on a magical memory there. (I am currently pissing myself.) Today..i’m a friskerella and anything i look at, i am being awkwardly aroused by. I feel as though i might actually have a go on anything in it nodded at me .seductively.. *skims through male fan pictures.* (One of the perks of being a Glamour Puss.) Infact, i’m realizing that i’m only enjoying the fantasy of it all. Realistically, i may be a horn ball…yet i am a bloated ‘being’ who is bleeding from her ‘whoop-dee-doo.‘ Bit messy really. (Why am i wishing i could squirt vodka shots out of my nipples?)

Anyway, i’m happy today, excited, feeling quite loving and still in my pyjamas. I’m tanning, pampering and sorting out outfits for a shoot i have on

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