And the plot thickens….


Hi, my tiny dew drops of ‘love-fest.’ I’m having a weird time right now. I’m engaged. I’m in love. Everyone around me is being more than delicious to me. I’ve practiced the art of fun, alongside the art of loyalty. (I’m as feisty as they come, dazzled over with the heart of a lion. If i hear of someone slaggy-slagging anyone off, that i hold close to me, then they’re pretty much fucker-doo-dee’d. *Wiggle-Wink.*)

Keiran’s been nothing but entirely loving today. I was late into work, due to baby Ruby priorities and glamour pussy hair curling. When i finally tottered in, with his washing and my wink…he had already been on a  mad man hunt for me. He finally found me and gave me his usual bear hug of lovey-loviness, glittered over with romance, heart felt love and a *glare* that stated that i shouldn’t bother ever being LATE again. 🙂 I can’t believe how lucky i am to have such a great man and when i say ‘great’ i mean he completely ticks all my boxes. He’s everything i could’ve wished for in a gent and i’m going to be his little wifey. It’s crazy, but magical. I adore how much he makes me feel cherished and well i thnak Cupid for making sure my soulmate was FIT. Lol. (We get told to ‘fuck off’ out of every room we’re in, by people who aren’t so keen on watching us *smooch.* I love love and we’re lucky to have it. We have something that no-one else can imagine. It truely is amazing. I’m a very lucky girl. But I always say good things happen to the good girls. The shit girls get *burnt* and quite deservedly. If you’re going to play with fire and believe me i’ve danced with those glitzy flames…you have to beable to deal with the consequences that come with that. If you can’t then ‘ahh well sucks to me you.’)

Anyway, after our big ‘moment’ of love, he left and i got on with my work day. Loooong work day. Whenever it rains and i despise rainfall, my day is mulled over with ‘exhaustion.’ Growing up in Hollywood, has made me solar powered. I can’t for the life of my ‘get with it’ in the ‘rain rain go-away.’

Y’know what? Pete…the former ‘Loverboy’ has actually started to be really lovely to me? I had gone for a wine with my brand new fiance yesterday and when i arrived home, Pete was there. He had cleaned up my entire home, thought about Ruby and I before he had thought about himself, COOKED a 5* garlic steak and then given a peaceful nights sleep, which never ever happens in Wunna Land due to ups, downs, work and baby drama. I’m not sure whether he’s finally just realized what a dick he had been to me, or if he’s being nice because it’s his birthday on Friday and therefore wants gifts?? Even though i’ll never forgive him for letting me down and not being the man that he promised me he would. It’s really lovely to finally have him act selflessly. It sort of brought a smile to my face…like he was learning life and got it…and all because of me.

Ofcourse, unfortunately for him, it’s all happened a bit too late, as i’m now engaged to Keiran, the most wonderful man i could ever meet. But that’s what happens in Wunna Land. (I’m currently reading a tweet from @Wazza reminding me of a time when it was my 18th birthday and i had invited EVERYONE in the entire world…to my house, only to pass out immediately and not want a party anymore. Lol. I was BRATT for it. I’d do it everytime. Luckily i grew up and got my ‘party procedure’ in check…a little too in check some might say. But I can throw the best shindig in town…and don’t you forget it. I might be sick in sequins and nipple tassles by the end of it…but it’ll all be worth it. I’ll have you swearing and sinning and hoping you haven’t caught a round of herpes. Yet i’ll come out unscathed, happy and in heels. I’m good at the art of making people have a good time…even if i don’t want to. 🙂

Anyway back to the ‘love’ part of my life. Keiran and i have been blissfully in love. He’s made this little kitty cat more than happy, by simply loving her with every inch of his soul, with a love that could be envied by every girl in the entire world. He texted me to come see him whilst we were both at the gym and he was looking at me like he had done something really terrible. Like i could just see the ‘off’ in his face. But i didn’t say anything. I didn’t really need to, if i’m honest.

I’m walking down the part of the gym, that i call ‘the catwalk’ with my chick friend ‘Amber’ and he follows us because he needs to have a word with me. Even Amber noticed that he was ‘off.’

Anyway, he begins to ‘have a word’ with me. We’re in a pink corridor. I’m dressed in black. He’s in workout gear, looking far too sexy for his own good and there’s comedy housewives surrounding us, pelvic thrusting, treadmilling, and weight lifting to dance music.

He just looks at me and tells me that he’s been offered a job in Iraq… He leaves

Welcome to Wunna Land. 🙂

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  1. WTF?!

    So now it’s time to ask, what does Keiran do for a living? If you’re not allowed to say, that says everything!

    I’m actually hoping it’s something like Director of Human Resouces, Middle East Region, Wimpies.


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