And She’s OUT


I am now officially a Paris Hilton REJECT! I’ve been kicked to the curbio. Thrown off the telly. And drop kicked off the glorious Mountain of BBF land. Oh and just for the record…all that going on my blog stuff, and my career, was an answer to a question that the producer had asked me…which was ‘ what do you hope to do in life?’ (And had nothing to do with what they asked me about Paris, or the Competition.) …that was my poor attempt to say face. (LOL) CHAMPION!! God i keep fucking up. Hahaha. I can’t stop. Hold me!

 Okay, I was devastated when i left…however more exhausted than anything. However, i figured my quailty of life away from BBF land was pretty damn good. So i had a lot to look forward too. Which is more than i can say about some of the others! (wink wink claw.) Just because i didn’t cry all the time, didn’t mean i didn’t show any emotion. ‘Happiness’ is an emotion. I laughed more than anyone on the show. I felt no need to shed tears. I was so lucky to be there. I was happy. And the thought of it suddenly being snatched away from me…didn’t scare me one bit. My normal life is WONDERFUL.

It was crazy that Samuel & Flic were up for discussion. They’re amazing. Flic should NOT have left, like EVER!! Especially when there were three less deserving people stooling around her, who for some reason were still there!! I mean come on now?? In my mind we were the most genuine, fun and strongest competitiors in the game.  And i’m really not sad now, (so no more pity parties please) because well…i did a bloody GREAT job. I’m like the GREATEST Paris Hilton reject EVER. (She swigs her champers.) No really, i’m terribly positive about the whole experience. Great times. Good fun. And another thing to tag on the list of things i fucked up.

So lets rise to ‘Team SAMUEL.’ I actually feel relieved right now. No more secrets! I can get back to being Chrissie Wunna again. (Yes, i am drunk.) Luckily for me this isn’t the last you’ve heard of me. (Muahahaha!)

I need a stiff one and then a heavy session of severe Masturbation

Chrissie Wunna xxx

31 thoughts on “And She’s OUT”

  1. i yhhink paris mugged her self getting rid of u i switched it of when u went and some of em have some neck saying paris was right u are on the level chrissie and if i was chosing my best friend out of everyone u would of one babe i hope u get all u desire babe coz u are a diamond chrissie

  2. Chrissie you should make a tv show chrissies bezzie haha!!
    I do like sam tho + I want him to win although I did want carrie to winxx

  3. Jenny- Thank you darling.

    Oh and just incase every doesn’t know. ‘Stephanie’ wants me dead, or has tremendous lesbian feelings toward me.’ She also stated that i look like an ugly horse. HAHA…

  4. Chrissie your awesome 😉
    You were always my favourite, you and flic, but more you Lol. I can’t believe it was what the producer asked you! I guess that’s just how TV works though. Is Emma that bad? I always thought that Carey was worse, she just seems like such a stalker, you can just imagine what her room is like, pictures of paris everywhere. Is she that nice/stalkerish when the cameras are off! I hope not. Anyway goodluck with stuff & stuff for you 😀

  5. Loren- Hahah…i couldn’t help myself (excuse my french)

    Jade- Thankyou Lovely. Yeah flic was amazing. Glad i’m your favourite. Haha. You have exceptional taste. I love you babes! Cyber winks x

  6. fuck, i just saw this was ur new post and omg, i havent watched it yet! How the fuck did u get voted off and not emma??!! ARGH! Chrissie i love ya bbe xo

  7. Babe it is gettin stressful to watch!! LOL!!
    What u think of Kat?! She really does get her claws out!!
    Sam is lovely bless him!
    All the best for ur future sweetie, b lookin out for ur stuff

  8. i think you deserved to be kicked out cause all you cared was your own carrier…dont say that the producer asked you what you gonna do after, why he didn’t ask the others and why you didn’t justify why you said so to Paris….also you said that you want to learn from Paris so if paris was an ordinary girl you won’t approach her…
    you are just a *** ..i dont know why you are in the competition from the first place


  9. Vix- Yeah i like Kat in real life. I mean she’s a bitch in the show, but i like a good McBitchy. She’s a fighter. Thankyou for the lovelies. Cyber winks xx

    Popcorn- I have tons of friends and all of who mentor me and vice versa. It’s important to learn from those around you. Only someone stupid wouldn’t. Your friends are the family you pick, to help u get through this thing called life.You need a slap.
    This is merely the story of my life, read my THE WORLD!!! You’ve just made yourself look a bit twatty infront of hundreds and thousands of peoples. Since i know what that feels like… U are forgiven for your poor taste in judgement.
    (FYI/ I was the best thing on that show. Mwahahahahaha!)

  10. u where the best thing on the show defianlty chrissie. i will try not to be pitty party but lets have it right u dont want the return of angrey scratch i was a right prick

  11. Chrissie you are so fierce, I love you. I was gutted you got voted out but i’m sure you’ll go onto bigger and better things of your own!!

  12. Hi from Canada! I am strangely addicted to the BBF show and have been watching it online. I thought you and Flic were the most interesting people there…too bad both of you are now gone. I like your blog, by the way. Good luck with everything!

  13. Hi Serge- Thats a dreamy little name!! Addiction rocks. Yeah Flic, was someone i adored in the house. I’m glad u watched it, my Canadian treat. I had a blast. Good times…and yeah, thanx for tuning into my blog.

  14. I’m sorry but I just have to mention POPCORN.

    When you are trying to belittle or put someone down, make sure you spell your words correctly, otherwise you yourself just come across like an ignorant retard.
    CAREER is how you spell the word that stands for what humans choose to do in life to make money. CARRIER is something you put your shopping into.

    SO fuck off back to school where they can help you with your future CAREER…. or buy a sodding dictionary and take it home in a CARRIER bag you TWAT.

  15. mmm yes that was original popcorn. I’m so insulted by your poison pen, you really know how to drive the knife in. Cat and twat rhyme dont they, thats very clever too. See, you are learning. Slowly. Baby steps can lead to great things.


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