And she makes it out alive…

So it felt like i was about to be abducted by aliens, with all this hot bright white light, and turquoise busy body like people, ‘busy bodying’ around me. I was laid quietly on the ‘cutting board,’ whilst  being superficially chatted too, disrobed, tapped, clipped, then all of a sudden, a rush of crazy warmth, steamed all the way up my body. It got to my neck, half way through my face…a lady in scrubs counts ‘1, 2…’ my eyes can’t fight the ‘crazy warm’, they peacefully close, for approx one second. I open my eyes, the same lady counts ‘…3,’ i look down, and i have NEW BOOBS!!! Just like that!! It was all over, and i was ready to start recovery!!

The operation was nothing, yet let me tell you, the recovery, is the WORST PAIN I HAVE EVER FELT, in my whole entire glamour puss goddamn LIFE!!! I’m on day five of my recovery, and this is the first day, where in which i can actually function half normally, and it’s 100% all down to rockstar PAINKILLERS. Yay!!! Oh my god, it has been hilarious…fyi/ i’m probably ‘high’ right now…as it’s been horrible!!  I haven’t been able to move my body, for about 3 days. I have cried (it hurt), laughed (it hurt), breathed (it hurt),  moved (it hurt) and been fed through neon straws…it fucking hurt!!! Now and FINALLY on DAY 5, i’m as happy as can be. I’m actually up out of bed, walking around, watching ‘Big Brother’ and able to wipe my own arse!! Hurrah!!  On friday i am free of stitches and dressings, and then i can get on with my life, get out of these polka dot pyjamas and my flipping love my new boobs, who i seem to be having an odd relationship with?? I think recovery days ‘1, 2, and 3’ hurt me sooooooo badly that i’m quite pissed off at my boobies, for causing me so much pain. It’s like one of those dodgey relationships with the dreamiest boy you ever laid eyes on, who you once loved so badly, who broke your heart, yet is strutting back for more….but without the BOOZE!!! lol… So when they decide to stop acheing, and being like proper well behaved boobies. …i intend to start being nice to them!! I know, i know, make love to them Wunna, not War!! (hahaha…dirty bastards!) I do feel a bit hornier now i have them!! Meeeow!!

As of right now i am happy as can be, i have another week of recovery. I currently just feel as though i have 2 rather heavy new born babies, constantly attached to my chest..i’m a little bit hungry, and i definitely want to have a ‘rumpy’ with Dale from ‘Big Brother’…which quite sadly has become my life, since being unable to move. I wonder whether he would bonk a girl in boobie bandages??? hahaha I feel disabled!! It’s NOT HOT!!

8 thoughts on “And she makes it out alive…”

  1. Sorry to hear it’s been rough so far, but glad you’re feeling better. best wishes for a quick recovery – and enjoy the drugs! xxx

  2. I am sure, princess, your new boobs will increase your pleasure at play and your earning power. Come to think of it, why with your body and now your boobs why would you ever want to go out again when there is so much fun at home, even alone. If I were you I would never leave the bedroom.


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