And my weekend starts…NOW Dolls.

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Don’t ever try and sweep up tiny polystyrene balls with a plastic dust pan and brush. It will drive you mental.

They are today’s words of wisdom.

(I know, I know, how undeliciously disgusting of me to even dare to mix glamour pussing in with a bit of a spring clean, yet i’ve really got into this cleaning malarky and like I said….polystyrene balls…SHIT….MENTAL.)


Soooo, I have 4 days off and 4 days off because I’ve pretty much worked for a gzillion days straight…(yes, whilst you were all having fun, baking in the sun and nursing hangovers.) I have 4 days off to run errands, adore being Mum, adore being ME and celebrate the ‘turning one’ birthday (Sunday) of my absolutely perfect and adorable loin fruit. I couldn’t be happy, however once again it’s a truly emotional time for Mama. I mean, to think that this time exactly…yeah..exactly, last year I was ABOUT TO LITERALLY give birth, brings everything into perspective. It’s wonderful. And well your children really DO mean EVERYTHING. They make my world go around and if I didn’t have them, i’d be nothing, feel nothing and simply have to hold up my ‘lost much’ card.

So yes, this weekend, is about celebrating ‘turning one’ and also getting my flipping house together. (The dining table has arrived, yet I had to assemble it myself…which in Wunna land still means someone else did it…but you catch my drift…it ain’t easy. This is why women NEED men. We forget that they come in handy when it comes to fixing, building and carrying things.) My mum actually did it and she did it to prove to me that us girls DON’T need a man to do the little things for us.Yet, i think i’m slowly surrendering to the fact that their are roles for women and roles for men..It’s important to stick to your strengths and mine certainly ISN’T D.I.Y. (How butch.) I’m a girly girl…a glamour puss. I don’t do things with screw driver’s and hammers, unless it’s posing for some ‘Playboy’ type feature, that will pay me to play ‘uniform.’ 🙂 )

Anyway, the home is coming together…(my new sofas come today and well Ruby and i bought a TON of new stuff from The Range in Doncaster, which i must say is the most amazing place ever. ) We also bought everything else from everywhere else, after a wee little ‘girls pamper.’ (I got extensions and she moaned all the way through it because I REFUSED to let her have a weave OR her eyelashes done.. We settled on her getting her nails painted…at the salon. She adored EVERY WAKING MINUTE OF IT. I was sat next to a little mixed raced girl who had a trendy gay father. How ace is THAT! You can tell the kind of parents, who take their children to salons. 🙂 That little girl was getting red extension’s braided into her hair. 🙂 )

This weekend feels like it’s going to be amazing and simply because the rest of the year now, finally, feels like it’s going to be amazing. I’ve passed the ‘hump’ and in life you go through humps. Yet being able to look back, smile and know that you championed them and that you’re still smiling makes you not only the strongest, but also the hottest chica on the block. And the people that you have around you, still cheering you on, are the people that always knew that you would snap out of your merry case of ‘da blues’ and hit ‘victory.’

I kinda feel great and you sort of have to feel great within yourself, to be GREAT to others. (A cliche…but true.) I’m a good girl and well now i feel as though i’m back to my jolly old self again…but richer. 🙂 Oh and skinnier. 🙂 I’ll cheers to that! Champers for everyone!

I don’t really have anything else to tell you just yet.

But i’ll nitter natter later. Lots is going on, but this time it’s all lovely.

I’m currently sat on my living floor, waiting for red boots. I’m also snacking on poppadoms, that I bought for £1.50 at The Co-Op. I’m looking forward to using my brand new 13 piece slate, tapas platter, by Natural life. (Just a random purchase, because it looked pretty. Every being who now enters my home for the next week, will be offered tapas until i’m bored of it. Lol.) Can you believe that I purchased THAT before I even purchased a fridge. Yes…i don’t have a fridge yet! I’m good like that.

Buying things is fun, yet waiting for stuff to get delivered is shit. I’m a ‘right now,’ impulse girl, when it comes to STUFF..not love (for those of you who were asking 🙂 ) I can’t stand WAITING for things to arrive at ALL, once i’ve actually purchased them. It’s such an anti-climax. I’m all gimme, gimme, now..NOW and will willingly pay a bucket load more just to get the items to me at a faster rate. All the current stuff i ordered is taking ages and because i didn’t rush it and i didn’t rush it because i figured that my work schedule wouldn’t allow me to be home for ANY deliveries. Now, that i’m on my 4 days off…it feels rubbish. I also need a hammer, but don’t have one and Mike the handy man has left his dark green Next Jumper on my door handle, which means i’ll end up calling him to tell him and he’ll end up having to do a whole bunch of DIY…which i’ll have to pay for. Lol.

This is why we need men.

Lots of love,

C x















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