And let the skies roll by…a little.

I’m looking forward to being back in acting class this evening. I love it. Once I get there, my kitten world will be filled with excitement. It’ll be good to see everyone after the break. I didn’t like the break. It felt like I had something missing from my life!! 

 Y’know sometimes, when you’re going through a lot. A really difficult time. It’s hard to reach on in and execute that ‘gusto.’ That life ‘gusto.’ That ‘gusto’ that Wunna Land is famous for, isn’t it? It’s hard to pick yourself back up. Everyone talks about it like it’s the easiest thing in the world, don’t they? 

All I’m gonna say is….YOU MUST. 

‘Don’t let a bad human, situation or energy, take the joy out of your spirit, or take the will and love from the people you care about.’ 

When bad times happen…

…you WILL feel awful!!! But that’s okay. 

In my mind, it’s human. However, what you choose to do or who you CHOOSE to BE during that bad time AND AFTER that bad time, is the measure of what your soul is made of!

Good things happen to good people! The karma rivers will always run. 

Being me. I’m not gonna dwell on the negative anymore. I’ve had my ‘pity party.’ I might feel a little ‘worn,’ but I’m still going and I’m lucky. 

At the same time, I don’t want to sit here and pretend that everything feels lovely and that Disney birds are chirping around my beautiful white picket fence, right now. 

That’s not the case. That seems to be everyone else’s life right now! Lol. Of course, i have worries on my mind. Anything that affects Ruby & Junior, consumes my heart. They are literally my world. 

Yet, it’s good to feel everything. It’s good to stand by the fact that I’m confident enough to express how i feel. 

Like any Mum, any decent human being, it’s important to me to just make sure that my children are having the most beautiful time regardless of the stress. (And they are! So I’m doing alright.) 

Ruby: ‘Mum!!! Watch me count to 10 in Japanese again!!!’

Junior: ‘Mum!!! Watch me do this chipmunk dance!!!’ 

Me: ‘Can I do it too???’

Ju: ‘Noo. You just have to clap.’

Ru: ‘No! You have to watch, Mum!!!’


They’re so cute!!! My heart swells whenever I see them filled with excitement! 


I have so many exciting opportunities ahead of me. And I can guarantee that the GOOD I have in my life, absolutely out weighs the heavy burden of grey, that SOME people are determined to litter into Wunna Land. 

(The majority of people are lovely.) 

Wunna Land is a ‘litter’ free zone.

The most amazing thing is that I’ve noticed how many strong people I have around me. People who are filled with love. People who have been through much harder times…and are able to stand tall with a smile, open arms & a warm heart…like the world can’t phase them! 

I’m inspired by them. I love to feel inspired. 

Like I said…

I’m not sure what I’m meant to be learning this year? It’s been one BIG thing, after another. 

When I say ‘big,’ I do mean it….

THREE things pop into my head, right off the bat. Even ONE of those three things probably wouldn’t happen to another human in their entire lifetime. (Thankfully.) 

All three happened to me in 6 months….and I’m still okay. To whip in a Jersey Shore quote…

‘I’m still pretty.’

But I refuse to feel sorry for myself. I’m just gonna get on with it now. I’ve let it all out. I’ve moped about. I’ve felt the shock, the sadness, the stress and everything in between. It’s now time to keep moving forward…yet happily.

I don’t actually know what else to say? So, I won’t. I’m good. 

Y’know, I’m blogging this, whilst parked up, in a carpark, on my phone. (I do love a carpark blog.) I’m on my own, but i weirdly feel like I’m with everyone in the world! To have that feeling, like I’m never alone, is just wonderful. 

Anyway, I’m gonna go! (I’ve written this in bits and bats, throughout the day.)

I had a really good, casual chat by a gate this afternoon. It helped me stop pulling faces. It made me realise how much support I had and how great the people I know and love actually are.

Right! Godda go! 

Next stop is the school run, then ‘here we go’ I’m back in acting class. 

Did you read my YAFTA story?

Here you go… 

All my love, 


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