And just when you say….

Okay this is why you can never let a boy know that you love them too much. Just as i had ranted and raved on about my ‘Lover de Latin,’ he calls me, he’s all sweet as cherry pie, then deliberately (to make me feel jealous) decides that he is to go to the movies and get dinner or whatever with some other fat, older woman, who has a husband and 2 kids. After a raffle load of arguements, babyish acts of pride, and a few ‘I hate yous,’ and hangups, he decided to stay home (so he says) and drink beer. Which is a much better option, if he so wishes to enjoy Chrissie Wunna ‘haven’t seen you in 5 months,’ HOT SEX  in the future, and play with my new fake boobs (if i ever get them.) I think he said, ‘You would rather me stay home then and be miserable?’ I said,’ YES!!.’ It worked! See, men CAN sometimes be smart!! Three cheers, we’re all good now, and we’re back in ‘madly in love’ zone, emphasis on the ‘mad.’ I still do love being in love with him yet he unfortunately believes i love drama, therefore wrongly caters to this misbelief. I actually HATE drama, it’s like a bad rash. It all of a sudden creeps up on you, and before you can say ‘drink it sailor,’ it’s run its merry way, all over your body, making you scratch for mercy, like a sweaty chimp. I just can’t get away from it, wherever i go… it follows. ‘Mary’ gets a lamb, i get a bloody sack load of trouble. But yes, still crazy in love with my him, i just can’t seem to help it? We fight like drunk soldiers, yet it always does make the sex a little more interesting!! Thank God for sex and insecurities!! I’ll drink to that!!

Okay, so i was meant to be spending precious shopping time with my Daddy today, i do every wednesday, yet i got pushed to one side for meetings. What’s more important than your daughter?? I mean, he shot me out of his ‘Sturdy Champ’…. 27 (ahem cough, i mean 18 ) years ago! Well i already answered that question….haha…meetings!! It actually kind of worked out well, as now i can stay home and be a snuggle bunny, instead of trampling out in the rain looking like (and this is for you Ronnie) a Silver tranny Ferocia. (You KNOW it.)

I need tea, I still adore electricity, and cupid loves me!! Shit, i hate having time off work to prepare for an audition. I’m off until May 1st prepping. I guess i should ‘prep’ and not really be writing about my trial and tribulations!! Bye Darlings!!


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  1. Nothing wrong with fake boobs that have been made to look as real as
    possible, and the fakeness is only noticeable on VERY close inspection.

    But from I’ve seen of girls that have had boob jobs, such a scenario is
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    In short, there’s nowt really right about cosmetically enlarged boobs!


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