And just like that…

I’m laid on the ‘sunshine bed’ with my red kimono draped upon me, with golden, collagen, gel patches under my eyes. 🙂 I also have olive coloured joggers on underneath the kimono, JUST to make me feel like the world is a safer place. The under eye, gel patches are apparently ‘lavender’ infused. I’m not sure why I’ve tried to make my eyes all relaxed and sleepy, to THEN attempt to write a blog? I’ve stuck them on my forehead now.

But anyway, I was in ‘Zoom’ court this morning at 10am. I’m not gonna go into it because I’ve been tinkering through the rather un-glamorous court bushes for over a year now. However today I was rewarded with peace and good old justice. It all went well! I have utter happiness in my heart. I’m really grateful because I had a lot of support. I’m tremendously thankful to all those who helped and well I’m lucky enough to have had THE BEST barrister, the most phenomenal representation EVER, who was Lorena Veale at KBW Chambers. (If you ever need a barrister & you are Leeds-ish based, she IS your ‘go to.’

Anyway, as you may know, I was a little stressed last night. Not openly stressed, more internally concerned….which to me is almost worse. Lol. There were moments where I’d crouch on the floor, with my hands over my face and just sigh, whilst uttering the word ‘shit’ on a slow repeat, simply to ease out some air. Lol

I couldn’t sleep. I kept looking at phone and worrying as time ticked by. I didn’t want it to go intonations the early hours. I kept drinking my non alcoholic beer…for no reason, because it really didn’t help at all. It just gave me something to do, in the dark… to pass that ticking time.

Then just when i was feeling like utter shit and throwing pity party or two…my phone blinked and a DM had come through to my insta.

It was 11.20pm

Scott Jeffery: ‘Hey! 🙂 How far are you from this area?’

(Followed by a screenshot of a giant house, situated in a West Yorkshire village.)

And just like that I saved ‘The Gods.’

Five DMs later…I had joined the cast of a movie, so had Ruby & Junior, by November we’re filming and it even has DINOSAUR’s in it!!!!

I cannot wait it!!!!

Now, I’d been wanting to work with Scott for a while. I auditioned for a role in a feature that he was producing, a couple weeks ago…Since then I’d been watching everything that he, his colleagues, his actors and the companies he had been aligned without in absolute awe. I watched everything they were doing on their ‘socials’ and I was amazing. It was so creatively alive. It was positively astounding. I wanted in!

Last night, 5 DMs in after 11.20pm my dream came true and I cannot even tell you how’s it changed my mood around! I was SO happy, that my entire body filled up with a ‘joie de vivre,’ a rush that only a combination of happiness & excitement could ever conjour.

I felt amazing!!! I was literally jumping around my room, in my rescue kimono, IN the fucking dark, doing happy dances!

It reminded that my life was alright and that I had so much more to be excited about!! It reminded me to refrain from letting fear & negativity, be my focus. It’s shit. It’s not the right vibe.

Last night proved that within seconds and out of the blue, a single moment…a simple dm at 11.20pm…can absolutely CHANGE your vibe, your life or your future. This is no joke, it really can. It did!!! I lived it!

It was the most wonderful feeling. So wonderful that no words can describe how I felt, in that moment. It was such a high, after feeling that little low. That case of worry.

(You shouldn’t worry, it’s not good for you. It prevents good things from fluttering your way.)

This morning when I woke the kids up, it wasn’t dreary. I had envisioned it being dreary and filled with fake smiles, which they see through, instantly. Well…Ruby does. She may say nothing, but she’ll feel everything. (She’s so in tune with Wunna land. She’s…well…she’s the natural heir to the throne. Lol)

Anyway….this morning…

It wasn’t ‘don’t think about Mama & court today, just enjoy school.’

It was… ‘Babies, you’re gonna be in a movie. You get to travel away to set and there’s dinosaurs in it! 🙂 ‘

A sense of giddy, happiness swirled around Wunna land last night….just in the nick of time. It glided through our morning, as the sun rose.

It rebuilt a confidence in my soul, a confidence that I already had and at 11.02am, fresh out of my ‘Zoom’ court hearing, life went back to normal.

I’m one happy kitten…

Roll on tomorrow. 🙂

(Ryan experienced ‘Porn Monday’ today…so i’m sure he’s delighted also. Lol.)

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