And I have the Hubby home!


Good afternoony, you delicious peeky pies of yum. I’ve had the most amazing weekend of good clean family fun. I will be honest and tell you that I was certainly on my last legs, due to me missing my ‘Handsome Keiran’ more than my little Asian heart could take. Even wine didn’t work. I mean I found myself thumbing through wedding magazines, to bitter sweet love songs, crying at the ‘Pursuit of happiness’ movie, (my evening movie of choice,) yearning for my bit of arm candy, that i’ve taken on as my ‘forever’ to be home and adore me. I’ve decided that i’m a girl that always needs to be loved and adored, by the person that i love and adore. Lol. I can’t bare it otherwise. Yet whatever, that’s much better than being a girl who constantly enjoys being unloved and disrespected. Or adored by people that she doesn’t actually care about. There are girls like that and i never understood them. Girls are gorgeous creatures and when we learn to be positive, happy, creatures..the world is our oyster. Celebrate being lovely. It’s easier than you think.

Anyway, I put my hair in rollers, drank wine and did what any bit of yummy would do when missing their future hubby. I sextexted him..and yes at 31! 🙂 Keiran loves a bit of ‘i’m missing you-mucky talk’…he tries to provoke it during his absence..and when he does i always shy up and decline, after a bit of a tease. But last night..i paused, shy declined…waited a little more, then ‘boomed’ him with it. He liked!!! *Wiggle-winky.* By 5am, after a long 20hr at work, he drove all the way back home, crept into our bedroom, i jumped up and we smoochied, loved, and adored all morning, until we rested in our little bubble of fairytale. Thank the good lord for Keirans ‘I’ve missed you libido.’ It’s raging and i love it. I only have him for two days, before he gallops off to work away AGAIN. (I hate it, but he loves it because it reminds him of his army days. He loves to work. .which i like. It’s better than dating a pretty boy who intends to pay the future bills with ‘swag.’ *Yawn.* I think he’s kinda enjoying me playing ‘happy housewife.’ It turns him on and makes him feel all manly and masterful. I’m weirdly enjoying it too. Who’da thought? I mean, it’s hilarious…that one minute i’m taking amazing work phonecalls from telly production companies, book publishers and doing magazine interviews and the next minute i’m making him crumpets and scrubbing his gussets, to merry sound of the tumble dryer.) I’ve had wonderful work phonecalls today. Life is getting exciting! I’m paddling along with my glitzy little wink and finally everything is turning up trumps.

The weekend with ‘The Wunnas’ was perfect. We wedding planned. We lunched. We shopped and enjoyed life. There were moments where i was ‘updo’ bouji, moments where i had fans, moments where i found myself MOPPING (Lord help me,) moments of mummyhood, moments of being a daughter and moments filled with joyous wedding fever. I can’t WAIT! I’m all excited now AND my shingles have finally pulled a ‘Houdini’ and disappeared. Yay! I’m no longer blistered, yukky and contagious! I heere wine o clock.

I love my life, i’m loving my family, work is hotting up, Keiran is really doing well and baby Ruby what a delicious treat of a dream. I will admit that she did go slightly mental yesterday after Nandos at Xscape, where i was forced to chase her around the building, by innocent people and open shops, as she raced off screaming ‘Daa-Daaaa.’ You’ve never seen a kitten kick and scream as much! It’s like raising myself, but in baby form AND with Keiran being the exact boy version of me…well we have big problems! Lol. I had to pull her away from BEHIND THE ACTUAL counter at a starbucks, assuring her that she wouldn’t find Daddy there! Jeepers!

Lets slip our heels on and keep our fingers crossed!

Wunna Land is tres busy today! Glad to have my hubby to be home!!!! (That fit little bastard! 🙂 )

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