An Amazing Array of Yum Yum

Evening my Pretty Puddles of Peach! I’ve had one AMAZING day, full of sun, sex, a handsome, work, love, life and Malibu. Right now, i’m feeling on top of the world and well i never take these times for granted! I’ve lived and learnt the hard way (by accident because i never really had to.) However, now i’ve learnt to warmly accept things that come to me easily, celebrate, dance to the disco of life, sing the praises of all those deserving, love like no other can ever love, and well..BE the most delicious Glamour Puss of ‘ooh,’ that any dear lovely could ever lay eyes on. I feel so Wunnaful, i could burst into an array of *yum yum,* and i think i feel this way because i feel wholey and completely, filled to the brim with LOVE! It changes everything. Makes me feel alive. Work is stronger than ever right now and just when i think that Wunnaland couldn’t get any better….it does! [Wiggle frantcially here and with joy.] I’m playful, i’m fun, i’m happy and armed with the body of  ‘Kitty Kitty Ooooh !’ Watch out I come. (*

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