Am I Vegan?

[Wrote this yesterday- Forgot to post! 😂🤦🏻‍♀️]

Don’t worry! I haven’t left you on your tiddly pops! Today I decided that I was gonna be Vegan. Not forever. I kinda just decided this morning, when I woke up. Like that time I woke up one morning and decided I was gonna be a Burlesque dancer…for the day. 

You’d think I wouldn’t  have any time to add ‘more stuff’ to the agenda. Anyway. I smashed it. I was Vegan for THE ENTIRE DAY and found it easy. Haha. There you go! I was once a Vegan. Is gin part of a plant based diet…because I had one of them too? A double! 🙂 (…with ‘No!!! Don’t put ANYTHING in it’ fruit. He once dipped genitals, in a mates drink.) 

I will say it’s hard to be vegan in the rain…because rain makes me uncomfortable. But I troopered on because well…all vegans look slim. 

Lindy: ‘Are you being Vegan because Aladdin is?’ 

Me: ‘Haha. Maybe! Who knows? I love how cute Mena looks! I wanna look cute.’ 

Lindy: ‘You look SEXY. No-ones gonna cast you as the cute, innocent…’

Me: ‘Everyone says that to me…both here AND LA. At least I’ll always have the fun parts. I wonder if how ya *drawn* has an affect on your actual personality?’ 

Lindy: ‘I wonder if it’s happy hour in here?’

Bottom line, I’m 38 and now struggling to lose weight. I ATE EVERYTHING during my 2 week retreat of ‘happy,’ away from blogging, to deal with stuff. Literally everything. If you walked passed me slowly enough, I would’ve dipped you in soy sauce and munched your arm off. 

My mum encouraged this ‘eating everything’ malarky…because I’m usually so careful. So I’m gonna blame HER. Lol. I’m fat because she enabled and encouraged. She’s vegan today too. (Karma’s fun!) 

Lots of people don’t know this, but I am veggie anyway…and I’m veggie because I wanna lose some belly timber. I don’t hate meat. I’m not weeping over animals. I just want to lose weight healthily. Desperados aren’t great for the figure. Who knew?? And I don’t even have the LIME in mine! The FRUIT part!

But I’ve put a good stack on. I’ve evened it out. Played it okayish. But now, I just want to be a full vegetarian , slim right down, have what I call Vegan ‘zap days,’ where I’m completely plant based, until I can get over my sashimi craving. (I DON’T WANNA GET OVER MY SASHIMI CRAVING!!)

Luckily M&S food have saved the day, with their Asian ‘Plant Kitchen’ range thing. I’m not gonna cook anything am I? So, I love the fact that I can just totter in and buy beautifully ready made, fresh as an edamame bean, Vegan stuff…that I don’t have to cook.

I’m not a cooker. I don’t do things like that. Haha. That’s probably why I grew up on salads, simply because they were easy to chuck together, without having to bob a pan out. 

My chick friend ‘Hustle Barbie’ is gonna love this whole vegan dingo. (She still has to do my brows.) She’s been a Vegan for ages now. But my celebrity chef, LA bestie Ronnie….is not. He hates vegans. Lol. But I think he’s only met the ‘tree hugging, don’t want to pay him more for his troubles’ type. I’m cool. I do gin. 

 I’m Vegan.Tomorrow I’m back to veggie. Next month…I’ll be skinny. I’m fine with plants chilling in my body. I’m sure it’s  much easier to burn off than part of a entire cows loin. Especially with my distinct lack of working out. (I’m even having some Royal Jelly cellulite cream rubbed into my tummy as we speak…while I write this blog on my phone notes, to ‘copy/ paste’ later. Wait!?! Bees! Is this cream not vegan?) 

I’ve had a great day with the family. It’s been wonderful. Works great. It’s just been so uplifting. What a great change! The career looks hopeful…This is it! I feel so good! 

‘..I want you to know that people don’t just walk in and get these spots. The feedback on you has been great. You’re someone who has shown drive, commitment and confidence. Someone that we think has a really good chance at succeeding.’

How lovely is that!!!! It just fills me with smiles. Everything happens when it’s meant to happen! I have faith in love and life.

Y’know people in general have just been SO lovely to the babies and I. Literally no matter where we go! 

I really appreciate that! I want to make sure you ALL know that!!! 

I mean Kenny at The Mallard (we know him well.) He went out of his way today to make Ruby smile via the fine art of Nutella flavoured, burger looking biscuits…with a side of juice. It made her feel special. She loves a good treat!! . So I’m thankful for that. All the staff there are wonderful. Even Darren, (a customer) who follows Wunna Land closely, treated the kids. They’re rinsing it. Haha. But honestly, it’s so sweet. 

Everywhere we go! Everyone. Security. School. Shop staff. In restaurants. I mean in Ginos, Leeds, they treat us all so incredibly well. They treat the babies like they’re their own! 

The girl who glittered Ruby’s face at ‘Naughty Unicorn’ in Meadowhall. She sent me the loveliest message, saying what a treat it was to have done so and thanked me for sharing it. I thought that was really kind. 

The staff at The Ivy, Ego, The Entertainer, Toytown, Wagamamas and Issho! There’s just so many. I can’t name you all. But everyone is just so lovely to us and I don’t know why? What I’m trying to say is…I’m really really grateful. 

(Oh? ‘London Business Man’ has just messaged me. His girlfriend cheated on him with a work he’s left her. Gosh! That must not feel too pleasant. Poor thing. I’m sure he did a lot for her.) 


Sometimes it’s not easy dashing about, making it look ‘chilled,’ doing the old acting career and blogging away, with both babies with you during the Summer, 24/7. I love it. I LOVE IT!! But sometimes it’s not simple because they look at me with their doughie eyes, like I’m some kind of Mothering Idol. Then I just sack unimportant stuff off…and before you know it, a week has passed and I haven’t written a single blog. Haha. 

I think I’m just a sucker for love. Doesn’t matter how it comes! I love to receive it. I love to give it.

Junior’s has his hair cut! He looks adorable!! 

Happy Friday x (It’s Saturday.)

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