Am i really already moaning

So today, Obama and McCain battle it out in the polls, to become the next ruler of America. I’m not really into politics, until there’s an election. I like the feeling of the candidates trying to manipulate and suck up to me for a simple vote. It’s like being a retarded Queen with random court jesters, who insist on jiggery-pokering around you!!

‘Vote for me…i can rule America/ No, No vote for me, I can do it better…AND i’m of colour.’

Obviously, i’m British, so i won’t really be voting at all, and i’m not too bothered as to who wins it, as long as it’s OBAMA!! He gets my vote. McCain, scares me, he looks a bit pervy…like he’s all ‘rule the world’ by day, and all ‘where are my red fishnet stockings, and gimp’ by night. They should basically just have a dance off. It really is the only way, one can come to some sort of a solid conclusion, about ruling America and all that jazz.

I’m watching ‘This Morning’ and it’s kind of a treat, as i haven’t gotten to watch it in ages. Their in house advisor ‘Denise Roberts’ is on. I like her a lot, as she never solves anyone’s problems. They’ve always ‘run out of time,’ at the exact right moment. She cracks me up!! If the Queen, and Grotbags, had a baby…it really would be her. Denise Roberts Rocks!!  (‘Oooh we seem to have run out of time….!’)

What is happenning to England?? I thought we were meant to be all top hats, and tail coats, and not documentaries, on ‘Mummy loves Drugs, not Me.’ Comedians aren’t even allowed to be funny anymore, and execute that evil british wit, without some fame hungry gothic grand daughter of ‘Manuel,’ trying to catch her 5 minutes, by kicking up dust, where no dust lies. Bring back Brand, and Ross!!! More viscious bullying please!!! More! More! More!

I have the 80’s song..’Boys, Boys, Boys,’ drilling around my head. Don’t know why, as i’m not not horny anymore? Actually, my new found gay friend and I who made me hide in a bedside table/cupboard, during a crap game of ‘sardines,’ sang it repeatedly, because we believed it was GREATNESS!! It’s actually just a song for Slags! It wasn’t until that moment, that we realized why we loved the song so much!!! (Yee-Haa..cowboy!!! Get it in Charlie!!!) He dry-humped me several times, to the singing of this merry song. I feel honoured… disgustingly mushy, but honoured!! I have nothing else to report as of yet, except you’re either a bedside table, or a cupboard…you can’t be both!!!! I despise things that try to be two things at once!! Makes no sense! It’s a disorder!!

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  1. i know it is fucked our country what ross and brand did was to funny manuel needs to get over it his daughter or grandaughter is a slut got smashed the graqnny out of here by brand he needs to wipe his mouth of it and let them crack on now shes trying to earn do outof it aint she by gonig on how he smashed her. i want obama just coz he said he supported west ham so if he has a football team he has to be half normal for a sceptic


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