All you need is love…

Just got home from work. It’s been a great day, really busy, i’d file it under ‘fun.’ HOWEVER, it’s been freeezing!! I mean extremely cold. The kind of cold where you can’t bend your fingers with out a ‘crick’ of achey. It’s been snowing here in Yorkshire, crazily and settling almost 18 inches deep. (That’s the length of 3 average sized willies, from head to toe dollies!) I’ve enjoyed going back to work and simply because i’m a Glamour puss, who likes to be busy. When i’m not, i’m quite troublesome. I’m all annoying and swashbuckle, and can batter your ego with a zest of evil tongue, for no real reason other than boredom. Luckily, last night i opted for spray tanning ‘still’ objects (including myself) ..out of  merry  snowy boredom…THEN i went with being annoying. I annoyed another so much, that i cried under bedsheets. LOL. CHAMPION! You haven’t had a good time if your night hasn’t ended with you crying yourself to sleep, catching a mound of herpes, or landed in money and glitter. (I love my nails right now. They look like glittered silver baubles. Kinda like a gay disco…with cocktails.)

Other than having an amazing tan, due to me orange spritzing EVERYTHING. I’ve managed to muddle through accounts, call Heat Magazine, think about my showbizzy career, commit to my actual normal career, be the worst preggo ever, run across heavily snowy roads of ‘busy traffic,’ with boys named ‘Gazz’ who wear pointy, yet slippy shoes IN ICE, enjoy a falafel lunch wrap, dodge a giant snowball in my giant faux fur, thrown by a lovely named ‘Matt,’ who tried to bowl me over from behind, whilst i was tending to accounts and turnstyles. I smiled and hair-toss at Ross, told Lucy that i loved her hair, walked into a door with a Lucozade and explained the joy of cocktails to receptionists, a whilst chewing on a bag of grapes…dressed as an eskimo, with falling down maternity trousers!

Eventful! (I think i might have called someone a ‘Bastard’ at some point also?)

Life is being really great to me. I’ve a lot going on and i’m chipper. Last night i had a bicker with Loverboy, after he walked through the door at 1am, with a handmade pizza in his hand, with garlic dip. I was lovely at first..all cuddly and delicious. Then i remembered the Facebook foolery and couldn’t help being horrid from that point on. It’s all about the respect dolls! If i have something on my mind, then it’s flying out like a bat out of hell, ON CRACK bitches!

Anyway, i talked him through how i was feeling after writing last nights blog and he firstly attemtped the tactic of joking it all off, then secondly went with being mad at me for accusing him of all sorts. The whole time i knew our relationship was strong and the bicker was pointless. However, i kind of woke up feeling bored of being with him and his train wreck of mild mistake making. He never takes me seriously when i tell him that i will NOT BE with him, if i wake up one morning and don’t want to be. This morning, i woke up and felt i needed a change, due to his ‘messing up.‘ (Even though he technically hasn’t done anything.)

He drove me to work this fine Christmas morn and i was silent the whole way there. After the silence and Chris Moyles on the radio, i told him once again how i was feeling, wanting some kind of apology, love, or just plain old romantic gentleness. I didn’t get it. He again went with being argumentative. It doesn’t work with me. EVER! We bickered all the way to

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