All Swollen and bloated

I’m about to go to bed after watching Rex’s girlfriends enter the Big Brother house, and Lisa smash a a security gate with her bare hands in order to escape the insanity, and i’m quite honestly (even though Julia Roberts, and Catherine Zeta-Jones, who i adore…are keeping me company, until my eyes finally surrender to a deep sandman sleep) feeling like the fattest most bloated cow in thsi world ever!! I’m patiently awaiting the arrival of my monthly flow, as it’s due about NOW, this second, and i just wish it would stop being fashionably late, and make a rather grand ‘red carpet’ (hahaha..genius) entrance, as i can’t take this bloated situation thingy thing ANYMORE!!! It’s like feeling like your about to give birth, but you’re not!! Or feeling like you’re about to explode. It’s depressing and horrible. Everything is swollen, and waiting to be relieved. My boobies are MASSIVE, and i’ll say it’s not a good thing.. for once! Firstly due to the aid of IMPLANTS they do not need to be anymore ‘swollen’ than neccessary, as they start being a nuisance, and too fucking bigness. Secondly, i can’t fit into any clothes until i get my ‘hey hey sailor, flow time!!’ Ugh! I can’t stand it!! I’m off to bed, as i’ve got to get up at some unreasonable hour, to buy a Daily Star to begin Voting for myself. When i wake, there better be PERIOD!!! Ugh! I’m all grumpy . Isn’t it bad to go to bed grumpy?? It makes you dream of monsters or something??

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