All good in the hood…

Evening my tiny ‘wiggles’ of ultimate deliciousness. I haven’t been able to blog as efficiently as i’d want, to due my laptop *middle-fngering* me and conking out whenever it fucking wants and without my permission. Infact, so much has happened, that i wouldn’t even know where to begin. But i will say that i’m slowly morphing back into the pussycat legend that i once was. Having a bambino really does alter your ‘ooh laa’ a great great deal. However now, i’m getting my strut back into play and well i have never loved being a ‘Mummy’ MORE than i do now. *Holds M.I.L.F sign above her head, beckons fun-with a wiggle and a wink*

Anyway…yeah i’ve been working, but that part has been boring. I work hard and long, but i truely believe that humans weren’t born for hard labour. Especially those of the Glamour Puss variety. I just want to be wonderful. I want to live and throw skin to the wind. Love my new ‘handsome’ Keiran like no-one could ever love a man and be the best mum in heels ever to my glitzy ‘DIVA’ Rubes…everyone’s favourite ‘almost’ 8 month old. Add rum to all that and ‘good times’ in the spare bits and you have life. Luckily i’ve managed to build a horrific reputation of glitter ridden, wine stained, soiled, yet glamourously tangoed and usually with ‘arm candy’ greatness. I don’t have to do much now to be a legend. 🙂 I walk out the door and people talk and maybe that’s the way i like it. The good thing about being a wonderful ‘Attention whore’ is that if you’re actually ace, you will finally beable to gather up the ‘looks’ and the ‘ooh faces’ without you having to ‘whore’ yourself out for them. I haven’t cried over a boy, or wee’d myself in public for ages in nipples? 🙂 And why? Well now, and at the glitzy age of 30…i don’t fucking have tooooo. Yippppeeee!

On the love front…Well I got home from work the other night. I can’t remember which night because one of the nights i tended to bein gill, but managed to get advice from friends who told me to have a yager bomb/lemsip combination in order to cure my soul. Bizarrely it worked…and i even subbed it with gin. Now i’m fine…after a bit of  lying and skivving.

But yeah, Keiran had actually cooked me dinner that night. I mean, how sweet and how lucky really. He always claims he can’t cook, but it seems he’s one of those boys that can do anything and everything well. He just pretends he can’t…then performs like a champion. Kinda feels weird having someone do something for you, when you’re little Chrissie Wunna. I’m quite an independant creature and i’ve been fiercely self sufficient all my life. I’ve had to be. Well chose to be..with my good friend rum and my other friend sex. 🙂 I’m used to taking care of everyone. Therefore although i adore being treated like the Princess that I am. It takes a lot for me to be accepting of it.

Keiran and I are madly in love. We’re realziing how involved people are being with our relationship. Everyone seems to have something to say. Be it good or bad. But we’re lucky and i know we are. We have a romatical bond of magic. I say it all the time but because i cannot even believe it myself. He’s done everything right and cherished me. hence why i’m going to be his wifey. But anyway, we’ve enjoyed the last couple of days with each other. Done lunches, drinks, dinners, booze, walks in the woods and surprises.  We’ve enjoyed our bits of sexy sexy time. He loves it all the time…as do I. But i tell you between the sheets our ‘team’ is ‘gooooood mama.’ (‘Keiran! Your willy’s done a sick on me again.’) We’ve had fun moments, good moments, hard moments and romantic moments. Moments by lakes away from everything, where it was just under the sky, by the peace in the wind. He hasn’t gone away yet to work. And now…unlike before i’m not really too forward to it.

I mean, since he said he was going to work away. We’ve had random bits of bicker. We don’t do that ever. We never have, until now. We only do it, because we haven’t really addressed how i might truely feel about it all and i can’t because i’ll miss him. We’re both people who fight for what we love…therefore we’ve bickered, yet go over it. We’re AMAZING, right now and i trust that we will be together forever…with our 402 little kiddie winkles. I’m hardcore broody right now.

Infact, i’ve just got back from the pub. We were both there talking about love and life. I feel in love and i feel like i couldn’t be with a better man. (Even though he said i’m not as affectionate as i make out.) I always thought i was? Kinda makes me feel a bit bad. I mean no-one wants the ‘handsome’ she loves to feel mildy jipped of affection. I want him to think that i’m an amazing wife to be. I want to feel 100% loved.

We enjoyed lunch. Accidentally bumped into work friend ‘Neil.’ He made our entire evening simply by doing his bumping into Keiran and saying ‘Where’s the misses??’ This is gonna sound tragic and mildy bizarro. (And you can all be gay with a dildo on top.)  But for the first time in my entire life,  It kinda feels WONDERFUL to be referred to has Keirans little ‘Misses!!’ I LOVE IT. Infact it made BOTH of our nights. We’ve never been so happy and boogied all the way home in the car, under the stars.

I’ve got loads to tell you, but right now i just can’t get it all out. I’ve just had my little bundle of Ruby dropped off to me and well right now, all i want is ‘baby-mumma’ time. I LOVE IT.

The future hubby…. i adore him mucho..

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