Air Needed Monsieur

After spending the whole of the entire yesterday indoors, locked up, and dusted over with yester-years McClutter…not only is my whole body feeling as though it’s been wrestled my a Sumo, or a gang of gorillas, but i’m also feeling a wee bit TRAPPED, like i need air and i need it now. I can’t go a day without being outdoors. I can’t stand being cooped up…it gives me the heeby jeebies!! (haha) Oh and when i say ‘outdoors,’ i don’t mean climbing jagged rocks and rustling around with a compass on hills, (Julie Andrews lied, they are so not ‘alive with music’…skank. Well unless ‘music’ is code for, ‘peverted adult boy scouts??’) Infact, i really don’t enjoy doing anything too ‘army ‘physical, as i believe it’s bad for you…makes you die young. I just mean ‘outdoors’ as in being outside, perching on laps, looking hot, and waving at the masses!! I can’t wait to get the day started. I have a major list i have to get through, and major shopping that needs to be tended too..which means i’ll just end up doing coffee, winking at passerbys, and pouting my newly glossed cocky suckies (lips.)

I am exhausted…my body aches…it’s hilarious, i don’t think it’s ever been this shocked. I need air, i need open space…i need my caffeine fix!!

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  1. have a lovely day outside shopping and drinking coffee and pouting your lovely lips chrissie i think i need to go shopping up ponterfract so i can see this wonderous sight with my own eyes take care chrissie tada scratch


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