Adult Diaper Wearers

Okay so being a drunken sailor is over rated. And it really is the ‘Sailor’ part that tallies up a ‘snooze fest’ and not at all the ‘drunken’ part. Except for the fact that people start to look hotter after a bit of rum, when dressed as sailors. But still…not hot enough. (haha.)I’m known for a bit of ‘kissy kissy wink’ with the boys. But even i was ready to abandon ship. I think i started picking up Corona bottles, swigging them down and throwing them at walls, in frustration, shouting, ‘I’M A LEGEND! YOU TRAMPS!!!  I came to the conclusion that people need to be sexier  and then realise, if something slaggy is being said behind someones back…the whole point  to the exercise, is it that it’s kept BEHIND THEIR BACK!! LOL (God there’s some Swines i need to tickle to death and then ferociously beat with grubby handed toddlers.) KARATE CHOP!!!!

Oh so things on the BBF front, have magically turned around and glittery glorified in my favour. I went from being ‘Chick who used the competition for personal gain’ ( even though i never that was Emma) to ‘Best BBF EVER. The one who actually had something she wanted to do in her life..than merely become someones hanger-oner.’ (Direct quotes) Loving it! And it’s all because i used the word ‘Mentor.’ I now have serious street Cred. Too cool for school man!! I’ve had 3 reporters call me for my story. I was on the news in LA last night for being controversial. And what was I doing in the Motherland….getting dressed up as a pissed up  slut of a sailor, throwing glass bottles at concrete walls and proclaiming ‘GREATNESS! I’m such a loser. I also think i told somone i was psychic last night too?? (‘Ur fate is to grace my disgustingly soiled sheets.’) They didn’t buy it. They just told me to ‘Fuck OFF’ and take my beer bottles with me.

Enough of that. I randomly woke up this morning deciding to take an interest in ‘Adult Diaper Wearers.’ I’m obsessed with the weird and the wonderful and what makes people tick. So i’ve decided i need to experience this. As people never really learn from looking things up, or reading about matters. You can only really experience something by putting your sorry arse in that world for a wee willy winky. Which is what i’ve decided i want to do. Just incase you are naieve to such dilly dally. Diaper Fetishism, is a paraphilia in which a person feels a strong desire to wear or use diapers. It’s a sexual fetish. And a bunch of fat men, meet once or twice a month, get naked, plonk on a ‘Huggies Pull up,’ and start getting kinky!!

I love Adult babies, (mainly because you can abuse them) and before i die, it’s a must that i become one for a day! LOL. I’ve called a group and apparently it’s a return to ‘babyhood.’ However, no babyish activites will occur. (hahaha) I mean what’s the point in wearing a fucking diaper then!?! Hilarious. It’s grown ups just randomly being grown ups, but in giant diapers…asking you to pass the salt, and going on about their day at work, after they’ve had a wank???  The funny part is, that they gain sexual arousal from actually ‘wetting’ thmeselves. Urinating. Literally pissing their pants. I need to rummage in the minds of these folk…and in their diapers.

I MUST to do this, and was told (by a kind lady) that i could be a Slutty nanny. However, i politely said, ‘Fuck THAT! I want to be an Adult baby. Full on naked, tits ahoy, in a giant diaper, with a milky soiled bib, my hair in pigtails, and around a bunch of fat sweaty men, in a play pen who are weeing themselves for kicks. I want to wee myself !! Might make my vagina all snotty. It will be AMAZING!! I always seem to bring this happy yet odd, uncomfortable energy wherever i merrily venture. I think i can spice this little kinky shin-dig up!

I’m doing it. (Roll the cameras).

Chrissie Wunna

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  1. U are the bollox babe. I need to go out on the hit and miss with u one day. Chrissie u sound like a right giggle, im pleased it is all gonig cushtie for u. You where the one star of the show and it has lost one viewer and plenty more definitely since u have left. Have a blinding weekend babe take care chrissie tada


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