About Chrissie

100% Burmese (Parents born in Rangoon) Chrissie however was born and raised in (the way less exotic) county of Yorkshire – England. Doncaster to be exact!

She ended up moving to West Hollywood (as a wee one) to make her dreams come true. She travelled there alone, with a nothing but a suitcase in her hand, her fingers crossed and a bundle of charm. Within 3 sunny weeks (where she attended a course at the TVI Actors Studio) was signed up to her first agent and auditioning for almost every popular Warner Brother’s TV show, including ‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer.’

During that time she fell in love with her first husband American Actor ‘Michael Raymond James.’ They divorced a year later after a lavish Hotel Bel Air Wedding, even though the couple had already secretly married in a Beverly Hills registry office, after a previous attempt to marry in Vegas, where Michael jilted the now starlet at the alter. They had only known each other a couple weeks.

Life then became difficult and partying became predominant in Wunna land, as he spent her evenings frolicking at some of Hollywood’s most famous haunts and with some of Hollwood’s most famous names.

The divorce and final separation was the time where in which the blogger believes ‘Chrissie Wunna’ was born.

‘I lived in the shadow of a successful man who made his own dreams come true, as mine dreams were registered as second best. I didn’t move all the way to Hollywood to be a wife. I wanted to use my talent and make my own life worth it. It was then when i took the reins and with an ambitious thirst… went for it!’

Every morning, after an evening of partying Chrissie would go to a bookstore, bright and early for coffee and to check out the ‘Self Help’ section of the Barnes & Noble on 3rd & La Cienega, West Hollywood.

‘It was hilarious because i’m sure all the staff thought i was an absolute lunatic, when really I just had a keen interest in learning the psychology of people and studying each and every, to see what made them tick….AND I also used to find out the Star signs of the boys I fancied and read books on how to seduce them according to their sign. HAHAHA! I know. LAME! 🙂 ‘

Each morning Chrissie would tell the barista ‘DK’ about the ‘on goings’ of the evening before. He was a middle aged man, who was shocked by such drama and after months of hearing Chrissie deliver stories about her party life, her  sex life, her life in general, he suggested that she started a blog on Myspace…as her stories seemed so interesting.

Chrissie REFUSED to start a blog, so one evening he invited the Glamour puss to his apartment in West Hollywood and on Myspace (where she was already making her stance in the popularity race) he sat down and wrote her first blog for her, in his kitchen, as Chrissie dictated her day to him.

‘I remember that evening so clearly. It was weird and made me feel very exposed, but enjoyed it? I remember needing to shake off a buzz that I had in my head. I even walked home at 3.30am in the morning, in the dark, on my own, under the stars, through the LA streets and i didn’t feel one bit terrified because my mind was somewhere else.’

Chrissie from that point on wrote her blog every single day on Myspace without fail and it has been the only thing to this day that she has been disciplined enough to maintain consistently. At the time Chrissie was living in an LA condo with a roommate at and they didn’t have internet access. So every afternoon, after she had visited the bookstore, Chrissie would walk to the Beverly Center each day and write her blog on one of the display computers at the Apple Mac store, making sure the staff didn’t catch her.

‘They saw me every day, but never ever said anything about me using their computer.’

Initially only 8 people read the blog a month, no a single soul came. Yet as the Starlet ventured out more and more and wrote out her private life publicly, like a diary, ‘word of mouth’ kicked in and before you know it, within 3 drunken weeks…the popularity of he blog increased rapidly and hundreds and hundreds of people were tuning into Wunna land daily, be they her friends, her foes, the guys she dated, or people who just wanted to see what was going on?

‘It was almost like being an underground socialite who had a diary that only the cool kids were reading. 🙂 ‘

During this time Chrissie had taken a job at her local gym, Crunch Gym on Sunset, which hosted a train of celebrities and was also working part time at a Talent agency, as well as modelling and going on auditions for current TV shows. The acting wasn’t going so well. The modelling was. Yet ‘the living of life’ seemed to be the thing that had weirdly gripped everyone.

People began inviting Chrissie everywhere, as they knew the next morning they would appear on the blog.

‘I wish you could look into my brain and just see what I have seen. The things that I have experienced or witnessed and heard would literally astonish you. I was being invited everywhere, to local BBq’s, huge Hollywood A list events with, clubs, bars…everything to creepy swingers parties. All sorts!’

The blog was becoming more and more popular and almost everyone was tuning in and starting their own blogs.

Chrissie’s work life flourished, yet her love life was going from bad to worst as she romanced a bundle of ‘handsomes’ almost one after the other, in a desperate quest for love.

‘I had an audience. I had such love and support. But I didn’t feel fulfilled, as i didn’t have someone/something that was just my own. I became very lost and made bad love choices out of desperation. I think i was still healing from my divorce, as Mike and I were still physically together for 4 years after, but in secret. I was travelling all over America and with a different guy, who had a different way, over and over again.’

Years passed, the blog was still going…and Chrissie ended up marrying again.

However, she ended up divorced almost immediately and in order to be closer to her parents in Yorkshire, who are BOTH Doctors, she flew back to England, after her six year stint in Hollywood.

Everything changed and life became more normal. The blog was still going, yet she met one her old school friends in a local pub in Pontefract, West Yorkshire, who had been reading her blog from England and suggested that she stopped writing it on Myspace and gave it a home.

That was the birth of CHRISSIEWUNNA.COM

Chrissie continued to document her daily life, the ups, the downs, the fun, the laughter…It was now being ready by thousands, as she worked as a glamour model and covered the pages of every UK ‘Lads Magazine’ going.

It was later in 2008 when she found herself at ITV studios in Manchester, auditioning to be cast in the new ITV2 reality show ‘Paris Hiltons British Best Friend,’ after seeing an advert in the paper, and going with a friend.

Two weeks later, she received a call and was moving into the BBF Mansion on the TV. It was that quick.

It was then when Chrissie made IMPACT.

When she left the house, Chrissie resided in London for a while, yet returned to northern soil. She fell in love with an old school friend and fell pregnant to him, after two months of dating. She gave birth to her daughter Ruby on Feb 24th 2011 and after appearing on the ITV2 show ‘OMG Peaches’ on her due date, with a Doctor on side…snippets that were only a few seconds long where placed on Youtube and watched by over a million viewers. It was at this point where Chrissie became the THIRD most Googled ‘Chrissie’ in the entire world. So Googled, that she ended up on The Google Blacklist.

‘I was in good company. 😉 ‘

The relationship with the father to her daughter Ruby ended and she found herself involved in  another relationship. After five weeks, her new beau asked her to marry him and she said ‘Yes’ on top of a castle. Their wedding was filmed for Channel 4, as Chrissie was chosen to design a new Sex Toy range for Ann Summers, that was being documented for TV and then sold in stores nationwide. The show opened to 1.7 million viewers and Chrissie had to film the last part of the year’s filming pregnant, as on June 1st 2013, she gave birth to her son Junior.

That marriage also ended…and Chrissie became a single mum. However, even to this day, she is happy and close to both Fathers, as they co parent like champions.

TODAY, this blog is read on EVERY CONTINENT of THE ENTIRE WORLD, in over 200 countries and is translated into approx: 40 different languages daily and as now hundreds of thousands, fancy a peek into Wunna land.

She is currently one of the most SOUGHT AFTER Lifestyle & dating bloggers in the UK, as in a world where in which all things ‘social media’ have taken the reins, she is becoming one of this years rising stars as businesses and brands are catching onto the stiletto stamp that Chrissie is making, as she rightly owns her corner in Cyberland. Companies, brands, television networks, events and businesses including The British Lifestyle Awards, The Clothes Show Live, ITV2, Gino’DAcampo’s new restaurant chain, Boohoo.com, Ann Summers, popular bars, stores, offices, people…and many others are booking the blogger months in advance for her to simply show up to their venue and have her BLOG from the venue itself or for them to appear on the pages of chrissiewunna.com.


‘I always say that it’s almost as if my blog, has become a written word reality show where people can simply, find me, rub shoulders with me and appear on the blog the next morning. It’s all about crossing life paths and connecting. Yet now, it’s turning into a business….and i don’t even know how i’ve done it, other than just loving writing out my life so much, that i’ve actually stuck to it…and it’s worked?’

I hope to be 80 years old, sat in my diamond encrusted rocking chair, hopefully having found love and reaching for my laptop to write a blog. 🙂

‘When my heart stops beating, the music will silence. But until then, i’m happy, i’m whole and I’m glad to have made a lot of people FEEL or CONNECT… along the way. Everything i’m writing about, we all go through, as Humans, on a daily. We’re made of the same stuff. We’re just different versions of that ‘stuff’ and I guess the blog is working simply because it’s real and I love to tell MY story in hope to inspire…

This blog it’s simply the story of my life. It’s something we’re all doing every day. Billions of us. This is just my version of it and accidentally it has turned into a business….I mean even before I began it on Myspace over a decade ago in LA, I always kept a written diary, that I would have on me at all times. I’d get pissed off, because i’d accidentally leave it at supermarkets and shit like that! Lol. I remember just writing away endlessly in my diary because I loved it. I never ever thought that a decade on…I’d be where I am today with global brands and businesses tapping at my inbox…and it’s only seems like the beginning?’

However Chrissie always states that chrissiewunna.com REALLY IS JUST the story of her life and NOT a review site…

‘If i’m going on a date, or doing lunch with friends and we are headed to a certain venue, my blog is about what happens on that date or with those friends more than it is about the food, service or lighting of a venue. I’ll comment about what is going on around me ofcourse, yet that is simply because I  want my readers to be able to feel, connect and visualise my surroundings, as I tell the story. So they’re there with me.  If it promotes a brand also? Then you can call it a review with a twist. 🙂 ‘

Here are some of the brands that Chrissie has worked with and publications that she has appeared in…

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Contact Chrissie:

If you would like Chrissie to visit your bar, restaurant, office, business, venue, brand, service, event, home town….or maybe just YOU…maybe you have a NEW IDEA….She is more than happy to! IT CAN BE ANYTHING. Literally anything! She is of an adventurous nature, so throw it at us!

Please send an email outlining the details of your request or proposal to:


Twitter: @chrissiewunna

Facebook: Chrissie Wunna or ‘like’ my Fanpage.

Instagram: Chrissiewunna

Snapchat: Chrissiewunna1

The Busiest little kitten in a merry business called ‘Life.’

‘Thank you for joining me through my journey…I’m learning life as I go along…and doing it right before your very sexy eyes.’ 🙂 




Other stuff:

Full name: Christina Wunna

Date of Birth: Dec 19th, 1980

Starsign: Sagittarius

Born in: Doncaster. Yorkshire- England



Favourite current saying: Delicious

Favourite colour: Yellow

Favourite tipple: A whisky sour/ Espresso Martini

Favourite Food: Sushi or food that makes me go ‘Mmmmm..’

Favourite kareoke song: Wannabe (Spice Girls.)

Favourite place to be: In the Limelight

Collects: Hotel Room Keys

Likes: Cocktail umbrellas, work, sarcasm, and ‘good times.’

Dislikes: Farmyard animals, Beer goggles.

Most Like: Miss.Piggy

Biggest fear: Failure, crossing busy roads and holding knives. I hate holding knives. I also don’t seem to like sausage dogs.

Believes: Dreams really do come true, if you really work hard enough and drink enough Grey Goose and that true love exists. (Somewhere. 🙂 )

Most Hollywood thing you do:

Wear GIANT sunglasses when i’m inside.

Most Yorkshire saying you know:

‘You don’t get ‘owt, for nowt…’



 Blogging, living, art ( I got an art scholarship into school,) air guitar, text messaging, bedroom eyes, mistake-making, showing-off, being foolish and being a Mum.

Bad Habits: Bossy and overly positive when things are shite. 🙂

Good Habits: Fun loving and fearless! Oh and naturally inspiring.


To be one of the most successful women in the world.


. I am a real life person? Yes

. How can i be a blogger? . Write one

. Where will i find you?

I’m everywhere. Find me! I’ll probably be drunk or in nothing but feathers, yet i will still always have time for you. People never think I will?

. What’s the secret to a successful lifestyle blog?

To tell your story openly without fear… and it’s the little things that make good banter, not the big things.

.What do i like in a guy?

 A Spirit that plays well with mine!

Random trivia:

Has four tiny tattooes (all of which are words.) Once had a Christmas card published, (it was rubbish). Divorced from True Blood/Once Upon a Time Actor Michael Raymond-James . They had 3 weddings. (One at the Hotel Bel-Air, one in Beverly Hills and well he did once jilt me at the altar in Vegas.) Rubbed her bare bum on a statue of Buddha for Good luck, in a forest with Ash Baron Cohen. (I forgot that happened!!)  17 years dance training. Loves to amuse and mainly BE amused. Asked Joseph Fiennes out by writing her number and ‘Call me,’ (smoothy smooth) on a reciept for some sweat pants he bought. (He actually called) Use to work at Crunch Gym LA. (Got fired.) Has woken up, on a spinning merry- go- round and a puppy. Went to a Private English boarding school. Fancies herself as a bit of a prankster. Auditioned for the role of ‘Alex’ on ‘The O.C.‘ (didn’t get it) Has woken up with a cat on her face. Loves Cardio Strip-tease. (I’m good friends with the guy who invented it. He’s taught Carmen Electra, Holly Madison & little ME…how to keep fit, but keep it dirty.) Doesn’t like overly sensitive, judgemental people or party poopers.  Fun Loving! Likes to Piss- take. (Especially take the piss out of those that don’t enjoy it.) Auditioned for the role of ‘Linda Moon’ for the movie ‘Be Cool.‘ (didn’t get it) Was dry humped by Matt Dillon at the Chateau Marmont, then put in a taxi home. Loves a good glass of champagne. Has romanced many a ‘handsome.’ Has felt Mark Wright’s ‘guns.’ Believes in doing whatever she wants. Has done drinks with Lady Gaga. Given George Sampson a shot. Had a cuppa tea with Susan Boyle. Has bantered and betted with Melanie Sykes. Has asked Rene Zellweger to fix her car. Turned down a recording contract. Loves to think she’s sexy. Read her life out to Jackie Collins. Was once chased by a ginormous Burmese elephant called Mo Mo. OUTSPOKEN! Was peed on by a one-legged homeless man. Entered a talent competition on the telly and thanks to Scott Mills and Paris Hilton, she won it, via the fine art of a rubbish burlesque routine. Dedicated a month of her life trying to be ‘Paris Hiltons British Best Friend.’ She is the oldest of 2, (has a younger brother, Jeremy…there is an 8yr age difference bewteen them) and is accidentally doing really well in life. *Cheer here*

Quotes (by others) :

‘Her image might seem fundamental to her self expression, after all she leads the way at the helm of her ship, her bedroom eyes flashing, her hottie reputation pulsating, and the veneer of oriental chick with a sexy disposition jumping forth at one literally. But this is just a front for Chrissie,  and she maneuvers it knowingly,  intent on getting out a different message eventually…’

‘…she can assess her self image with a critical eye, not letting anything pass what is in her opinion “not quite right”.

‘She has an inner dynamo pulsating in the centre of her being; it pushes her forward even with a tad of too much self absorption.’

‘An egotistical maniac, who does nothing but get her chebs out!’

‘Her sentiments can make her shy in romance, sometimes yearning for a big man to contain her over exuberant spirits’

‘Infact, she’s like one of those really crap games at a fair, with the clucky chicken… that you put 20p in and win FUCK ALL.’

‘One of the most beautiful women you will ever meet..’

‘She will work hard, almost push through walls, dismantling obstacles on her way, never giving in to anyone who holds her back, or puts her down..’

‘British Invasion with the Asian Persuasion’

‘Terrifying plastic doll, from Pontefract, with a voice like chlamydia.’

‘One of this generations biggest inspirations… a breath of fresh-ish air.’

‘…she’s responsible for her very successful Blog, and her capacity to chatter and divulge elements of her life so easily, but remember they are elements that she chooses, and her deepest thoughts and feelings are censored from the public’s scrutiny.’

‘A floozey with a dream…’

Contact: chrissie@chrissiewunna.com