A *Woohoo* of a WEEKEND!

Can’t remember where I left off. But *Wow* what a weekend. Not only has it been dipped in Glamour, love and ‘ohh laa.’ But it has been a delightful *ooze* of all go, magic and charm! I haven’t been able to blog as I go, simply down to the fact that Loverboy opted for ‘not paying ‘his internet bill. Meaning that I would have to pay it this morning, topless and in Leopard print pyjamas, with Ruby attached to my hair, performing a *yank.* I’ve certainly managed to dent my bank balance this weekend. Therefore in order to make me feel better, i’m going to go with the ‘that’s what life is about ‘line, intsead of the ‘aaah fucking hell’ malarkey. 🙂 (The good thing about working all the time is the fact that there’s zero time to spend your fine earned pences. However, the good thing about a big spend up, is the fact that you get to show you’re loved ones that you care enough to treat them. Yet there’s always that time in the future where you find yourself wishing you hadn’t spazzed ‘that much’ on dinner and lipgloss. I’ll deal with that when i get there. *Wiggle-wink.*)

Okay, let me take you back to Friday, ‘Date Night.’ Wow! After a cuddle and a kiss and a ‘really what should we do?’ Loverboy decided that we were to venture to Leeds for a little love and dinner. Now that we’re back to fairytale and flying the flag for all loving and somewhat magical relationships, we kinda want to make the most out of ‘Date Night’..especially because it’s the only  night we have where my mum has Ruby over for a sleepover and to us as much as we ADORE parenthood, we really do believe that ‘Date night’ is an esenstial part of ANY relationship, once a child comes into play. No-one I know in a relationhsip even goes on a ‘Date Night’ with their bunny of honey and well to me, that’s really quite bizarre. Loverboy and I love to get dressed up and gallop hand in hand to a swanky little restuarant over cocktails, getting wined, dined and adored. And on Friday,we chose ‘Bibis.’ (Leeds.)

Amazing! ‘Bibis’ is the kind place where one gets lots in a world of magic over dinner. It’s sort of like stepping back in time, to a ‘ooh’ of snazzy, high class art deco, where the champagne doesn’t come cheap and the lobster tail tinkers as a starter over fruity cocktails. Both Loverboy and I love a bit of Glamour, therefore we enjoyed as much of the ambiance we could, to say we were sat next to a really old rich man, who had a 30 years younger, rather glamourous blond girlfriend, who he walleted into submission, as I slurped on my daiquiri cocktail. The place was packed and glorious and the sheer excitment on my little Loverboy’s face was delicious. He loved it. Every moment of it and it’s those moments, during a relationship that matter. We’ve never been happier. I’m getting adored and the exact right way! Finally! Thankyou CUPID!!! It’s been a long ride.

Dinner was yummy. Far too yummy for me to simplify with common ‘word.’ Magical. We filled oureselves with food and drinks, under the greatest mood lighting and the most perfect customer service. It was very ‘speak-easy’ dipped with the ‘ooh laa’ of italiano.’ I’ve never been s full, therefore it wa skinda good that i made the executive decision to fold up my diet and frisbee it into the distance in the name of ‘much better things to do.’ I feel sexy right now. I even feel hot. I feel right up there with the vixens. Therefore i don’t think i need a diet in order to make me feel delicious. I look great and i’m really not afraid to say it or celebrate it. (Plus, when i’m on a diet, Pete decides he wants to attempt to control everything and monitor my food intake. *Yawn.* I hate that and will not at all allow such behaviour. I’m a girly with the gift of the feist, dazzled with independancy and a jiggle of the ‘ooh laa.’ Don’t try to side step in all quietly and then attempt to turn ‘Hilter’ on my ass. I already have a moustache on my privates. I don’t need another. 🙂 Bad joke. I mean, he even now tries to make me dress less ‘floozified’ in order to make his life easier and less of a battle with the boys. Even though i don’t enjoy him making his remarks, I kinda like having a boy who wants to cage in whats his and not share it with anyone.

The really Italian waiter at ‘Bibis’ after i tipped him tried to ‘make out’ with me as i left. I went in for an air-kiss becaues he was all about grabbing me and i felt it was only polite. 🙂 Yeah…wrong move. There’s no such thing as an *air-kiss* with a hot blonded italian. He went full force, ‘thank you for my tip, i will look at your boobies more and touch them’ as he snogged both sides of my face…AT ONCE! Pete did that ‘boy’ thing where he pretended he didn’t see it happen. Yet for a boy who didn’t see much, he usre as hell grumbled on about italian men and their flirty ways after the marlarkey on our way home.

Great night had by all.

The next day, we ventured back into Leeds, on a glorious day of ‘sunny-sun-sun,’ to buy oureselves a bit of love. I treated Loverboy on this day and simply because he has a bitchy bum. Plus, i appreciate all the help that he gives me with baby Ruby. Pete’s sacrificed his entire life for baby Ruby, whereas i’ve gone out to make money for the lot of us! It works well. i’ve become the hunter, yet misted over with a candy coated giggle.

I bought myself a little Lipsy. He snagged himeslf a couple of pairs of jeans. We lunched at the ‘Cattle Grid’ on pieces of meat, wine and salad, (after i had pulled an  ‘i’m not eating outside’ Diva.’ I can’t eat outisde, even on a sunny day. The wind gets the better of me and i turn all grumpy with the maintenance between bites. Loverboy learnt this earlier on in our merry bit of relationship and the good thing about it is that he REMEMBERED that i don’t enjoy outside eating from way back when, i moved us to a better suited indoor spot. ‘Pete if you’re gonna date  a bimbo, you’ve got to learn that we don’t eat in the wind. Our eyelashes could fly off and our hair gets stuck to my lipgloss.’ )

Lovely day. Long day. Yet we were both happy and felt deliciously treated. Infact, it all ended with bottles of water, blazing sunlight and  fragrance buying. Followed by a final trip home for a pamper and a tan. I had to run around this weekend prepring for the week ahead.

Today we lunched at Rogerthorpe Manor, where Ruby performed unusual dramatics? We have an ‘IT’ baby who we can pretty much take ANYWHERE and she will gleefully play along. Today and due to the fact that all she wants to do right now is try to stand up and walk every minute of the day was insania. I actually placed a giant flower in her hair, attached to a ‘made my grandma’ headband on her today. Maybe that got the better of her and made her think that she was the next Beyonce. Who knows? But regardless it certainly pissed iteslf down, during lunch. The rain and I are NOT friends. One of the main reasons, I enjoyed living in Hollywood soo much was the ditsinct lack of rain. (Reminds me..i need to tan.)

I can’t be arsed to write all this now!

Long story short, we then ventured off to enjoy more shopping, to buy ‘things that we really felt we needed’ like hot pink jackets and sheeny work  trousers. (I currently have hot pink nails and i’m loving it. I need an orange tan to really wave the flag of greatness.) I love my weekend of pamper and ‘to do’ list.

Ended up at ‘Ask’ where we’ve juts enjoyed dinner. Ruby AGAIN pulled a ‘Diva’ and weirdly wanted to use her slanty eyes to steal?

I’m absolutely Knackered. We all are and well here i am, back in my leopard print pyjamas, ready for the week ahead, enjoying what i guess is the circle of life. I really do need something exciting to happen.




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