A Whole lot of Turkey


Well helllooo Boxing day! If you’re from a rather more exotic land and you are unaware of the term ‘Boxing day’ know that i’m simply referring to the day after Christmas, where i woek up topless, with a beautiful ‘updo’ that would suggest i was either a QUEEN or a bridesmaid, littered with clipped in flowers of gold, with my mixed raced  ‘Handsome’ to my left and my bra (black one) hanging off my phone charger that was seemingly plugged into the wall.

Usually when this happens, i’ve had some kind of totally worthy night, that most would file under ‘sin’..yet I being the Ultimate Glamour Puss of ‘ooh laa‘ and cheeky chappy elbows, would file under ‘good clean times..‘ HOWEVER, i really just had a nice Christmas day in fur with my family and Loverboy’s family. All warm, calm, happy and filled with love, via turkey. (This is the first Crimbo i’ve attempted sober in a very loong time. Luckily, i LOVED it but probably because i got gifts!)

Okay, so yeah ofcourse i’ll wish you all a very merry xmas (even though it’s now technically *popped* and packed away,) as i truely hope the good old man in the red suit squeezed his way down your chimney and dropped of a few goodies that brought a happy smile to your face. The kind that makes your eyes smile and your heart flutter. If you didn’t enjoy such excitement…i hope you had rum. But i will say that more than anything this year, aside from the time i’ve had with my family, i’ve thoroughly enjoyed my FOUR entire days off work!!!!! I’ve LOVED IT! Infact, i could get used to it, loved it. The only problem is that i also enjoy the moola that comes with the ‘going to work’ thing, (the root of all evil..which makes us believe we can’t survive without it..when we really can, as it’s not what life is AT ALL about. Love, happiness and the relationships you have with people are the only thing that truely matters! Money just seems to make the journey easier in the world that we have been made to live in. You only do LIVE once and regardless rich or poor…you WILL die at the end of it all…therefore making sure you have a jolly old time, doing whatever makes you happy, is the key factor to it all. The people who judge you are simply the people who don’t see life for what it really is!)

I love how i went off on a tragic ‘save the world’ ramble then. Forgive me. I’m a floozy. Okay, a great deal has happened, meaning i can for the life of me indulge in the itty bitty detail of it all.

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