A whole load of sexy nonsense

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How true is this Hollywood statement…‘You’re only as hot as the girl that your fucking.’ I’m gonna go with, 100% true. Hahah…i mean really, i’m a great believer in the whole behind every man is an even GREATER woman and if she’s bloody sizzling hot, (whether she be behind you, under up, ontop, or god knows where else…i’ve been in many a compromising position in my slaggy ol’ time)  then yeah..it kinda makes you look hotter too. (Please don’t send me hate mail, or please just use me as arm candy, so we can make out under the stars and all that good stuff.) I mean i’ve watched guys score a girl, and pat each other on the back, and grow 10 feet tall (in all the right places) because their girl is a hottie. It’s true…i’m sure. I’ve had a guy half have sex with me, then after we had to stop, due to (can’t tell you that part,) he went into my hotel bathroom and pulled CHAMPION faces, and checked out his arm muscles. Men want the hottest bird, the fastest car, the biggest pay check and to be desired. Women (including myself) just want to be loved, cherished, and i can’t think of anything else really.

Then how true is this statement, ‘You’re only as successful as the Man that you’re dating.’ I’m gonna go with NOT true, coz i’ve dated many a loser and it didn’t really shatter my ‘ooh laa,’ just cost me a great deal more, and dented my bank balance. Buy your own goddamn dinners! Hahahaha…

I’ve literally just this second been called a ‘Monkey,’ by a random lady. Is that racist? LOL. What isn’t racist…i’d just like to add, (here we go) is referring to someones ethic origin during sex. What i’m meaning is, if you are having a ‘rumble’ and your ‘sheet sharer’ just so happens to ever so romantically say,’ I love your tight asian.…(place anything u so wish, in this space.) Or ‘This is my big black...(whoop-dee-doo).’ It doesn’t count during sex. But have you noticed how dirty talk is often associated with ethics. Like i’ve never heard anyone say, ‘i want your big white willy.’ Or ‘i love ur big white BUM.’ Hahahah…sorry, i’m finding myself way more amusing than i really am. But maybe because i don’t really have a big white willy…mines rainbow.

I have partying to do this evening i believe…therefore i must gallop off and and make myself look half worth pulling. I’m currently concerned that i’m being used for ‘sexytime.’ I just can’t tell yet? I shall report, when i know for sure, don’t you worry. I’m a trouble making nuisance, with an eye for adventure. It’s really intimidates the fellas. I don’t know what comes over them, but they lose their control, and go all ‘insania’ on me. But saying that, i have been asked out by 7 different handsomes in the last week and a bit. Therefore i must be doing something  right. They’re attracted to me, but they’re secretly terrified of me, and immediately start to fumble. Before they even know me, they’ll spurt out the famous, ‘I just know you’ll break my heart.’ No, I won’t!! I’m all love and kindness…or something like that anyhow. (Wink) Lol…

Oh and people keep asking me how my blog works…well it works via the fine art of ‘word of mouth.’ (Like someone who’ll know someone, who’s heard something, who’ll tell someone…etc..) One of the only ones in the world to actually work this way. I don’t pay to advertise it (i mean i should really as i’d be rinsing it)…and that’s mainly because i’m quite quite lazy. Hurrah. But i do intend to throw a massive ChrissieWunna.Com launch party thing. Off to get Bacardi!

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