A Wee Bit Nervous


Just got home from drinking in Pontefract. I’m in London tomorrow and having to get up ridiculously early in order to pack and get ready. I’ll be staying the night over in the Capital, and then training it to Brighton Thursday morning for filming…which i’m actually really excited for!!! Chrissie Wunna show here we come!!

Anyway, i’m meeting Boyband Jonny tomorrow and i know it sounds weird but i’m a wee bit terrified and i don’t know why? I’ve met him once and only once, but talked to him almost all day everyday since. I actually feel nervous..but i’m hoping the feeling will go away. I’ve fucked up my fake tan. I look like a tiger. I’m panicky and well…i dunno…here we go again…

10 thoughts on “A Wee Bit Nervous”

  1. vicky had them. dan roberts threw one at me and it bounced of the cheb area so i didn’t get wet and then i got reuben.

  2. OMG HOW HOT WE’RE THOSE LEAPING SHIRTLESS BOYS!!!!! Yeah i dont feel bad now. I stayed for the best bit!! How were their bodies like that…swoon much?


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