A Vodka before noon?

I got another ‘random, yet obviously from the same being’ booty call this morning. However this time they graced their telephonic presence at 5.26am. Nice! I didn’t even bother to answer. I did a half hearted, sleepy doll *reach,* pushed a few hot pink nailed Black Berry buttons and hit ‘silent.’ I looked to my right and every other member of my little family were still asleep. I laid awake, then drifted off to dreamland…to enjoy a consecutive stream of nightmares! Yippee! (I’ve been having them loads recently, which means i must be lovingly filled with ANXIETY. Great! 🙂 )

Long day at work, then a stress buster massage booked. I need it and simply because the drama’s of life are beginning to tango around me…with knives. 🙂 But i’m happy. However, you know when you your ‘Handsome’ is really pissing you off and they really can’t help it, due to an unfortunate ‘bad case of opposite sex.’ (Thankyou Geri Halliwell. I actually nearly karate chop, ninja leaped him in anger in a carpark yesterday, but managed to calm myself in the 2 seconds that occur in the process, before you commit to such pokery. The old Chrissie Wunna, would have grabbed her boobies and leapt for Burma. I however adjusted my tiara, realized i was outside work, grabbed my handbag, (thought about walloping him 🙂 ) then imagined a glittery sprinkle of Zen raining upon me…and with daggers in my eyes, strutted away, to do the fake smiley thing infront of work colleagues! Hurrah!

Worked hard and then realized how upset a co-worker was next to me. The good in me, gets the better of all situations and i feel all mighty like i need to defend everyone’s honour. However, because i’m on a ‘dicsiplinary’ (woohoo) i figured, i’d listen, offer coffee in leopard print mugs and sympathy. Then take her on a whirlwind of glorious imagination, where life is better on the other side.

I got that feeling yesterday, when boredom oozed in and there i was ‘pattering’ away on my keyboard manically, working, pattering, working, sighing in front of a blue notice board and honestly after having lived such an exciting life of Hollywood and wonder, you kinda *pause*..look around you and think..what the fuck am i doing here? Dangerous

Regardless, i’m gonna make the best of a dodgey situation…i have my diamantes on, after an eyelash war. ( They keep refusing to glue onto my eye lids. They want to stick everywhere..on mirrors, on boobs, on fingers and kittens..but not my fricking eyes! Can’t wait for my massage! I need a de-stress and maybe a vodka before noon.

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