A Very Merry Christmas

A picture to help you through any Christmas Crunk. Ken from Virginia sent me a message saying he thinks he’s quite possibly, ‘in love with my boobies’ and that this Christmas he will be… ‘leaving milk and cookies out for them.’ Lol. Brought a smile to my face…hope it brings one to yours..(but probably not you miserable sods!)

Chrissie Wunna x

5 thoughts on “A Very Merry Christmas”

  1. u always bring a smile to me face chrissie u know that babe. but i love your thrupneys more thsn ken i wont leave milk and cookies out for them but i iwill cut him for them lol . i am well exited know 2 day babe 2 days braap braap

  2. Hi Chrissie
    Sorry i’ve not been it touch for a while – miss me?

    Double special apologies for missing your birthday – hope you had as good one.

    I just popped along to wish you a very Merry Christmas – it’s been a treat getting to know you over the past year and I look forward to more fun, frolics & nakedness in the new year.

    Continued success in 2009, my asian angel


  3. Hi RT!!
    Thanx for making a reappearance. You have been missed! Lots of spanx for missing my birthday, but really you’re forgiven as i’m a bit too lazy for spanking.

    Hope you stay tuned this time! Wink Wink! Merry Xmas! x


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