A Snazzy bit of Junction 32

OH my gosh!!! I cannot even BEGIN to tell you how utterly pleased I am that a new beauty outlet…actually named the ‘Beauty Outlet’ lol has opened at Junction 32, Castleford. I’ve been willing some kind of beauty store to magically appear out of nowhere, as stores of such simply comfort me and excite me when i’m tottering out for a casual shop. It sort of snook up on me, with a sexy wink and KAPOW, there is was! Wunna was happen and well even though my son was miserable all the way through my beauty outlet ponder…i was filled with excitement and joy!

Incase you didn’t know, I adore all types and brands of beauty. Be they the old classics, the high ends, the commercial lines, the fun brands and what I call ‘the cheapies.’ I get excited to see them all perfectly shelved, so i can purchase pretty much everything and give each one a go. I sample makeup, like I used to do men. Yet a good bronzer never makes me cry, it delights like no other. πŸ™‚ But yes, I love that someone’s finally opened some kind of ‘beauty’ at the outdoor outlet mall/shopping centre. It needed one. Plus, I enjoy how they’ve dolled it up. I love the brightness of the store…the bright white and pink, sort of Cosmo gleam. I didn’t really have too much time today, due to my loin fruit demanding chocolate buttons. So, i will venture in again on my next day off and let ‘all things beauty’ flirt with me a little and woo me like a gentleman. I am literally turned on by makeup. πŸ™‚ I swear i was a drag queen in a former existence.

Then…as the weather continued to be shit. (I don’t get why the weather is being so shit in Ponty. In the woods, the weather was delightful?) But yes, another thing that I adore at Junction 32…(the shopping centre that is)…is the newly refurbished STARBUCKS! How glammy! It’s sort of masculine, with an old school, coffee shop, classic and classy, modern day twist? It’s the sort of place that i’d go to blog in, with a caramel latter by my side. It’s moody, dark, but light and cosy. I’m actually impressed by how well that place is developing. Yorkshire…is literally turning into the bomb diggy. I like it as you can sort of get city life, without the bustle of the city…but turn a corner and be lost in the beauty of countryside. πŸ˜‰ It’s a bit of everything…that’s why I loved LA..it’s a bit of everything and not a concrete jungle like New York…a place, I sort of detest. But i was homeless in New York, so that’s probably why. πŸ™‚

So, i’ve got work tomorrow. I’m not happy abut it one bit. But once i’m there i’ll be fine. πŸ™‚ I’m like a mardy school girl, who doesn’t want to go to class, but has to. But whatever, i’m keeping my eye on the prize and working hard to accumulate. Once that is sorted…i’ll be able to set up life the way I imagine it should be. But yes, we’ll see how tomorrow goes.

On the whole, life is good, the babies are fine, i’m happy and i have a ginger beer.

Hope your Monday isn’t so bad…

Love you lots.

Wunna x



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