A Quickly Quickly Update

Good morning my lippy loves of gloss-fest. Yesterday was one of those days when you realize how love can actually conquer pretty much everything. But i’ll get back to that shortly. Right now, i have a rather large kitty pile of glittery ‘to-do’s,’ to tend to. I have my actual book to view. (I still haven’t recieved my own personal copy, because the Wunna Bible keeps getting sent to distributors and reviewers.) I’m having my tv/radio interview booked in. I’m filming next week and having to sort out another show, that i have recently been called about..which will take a lot of thinking about and a whole lot of immediate ‘throw myself into.’ Alongside that, i have my blog. This little baby, which is right now rocketing to the heights of random ‘ooh laa.’ (And i love that because i’m deeply grateful for your support. Plus, you really don’t get to know the half of everything that actually goes on.) I have magazine features to promote ‘Diaries of a Glamour Puss’ to whip off the pile and shimmie at. Then there’s my LeedsPlaybooy book launch party at the end of May, followed by my book signing tour, through the sunny months. Oooh laa-laaa…much.

Then you look further into your little Chanel clutch of tricks and you find that you also have giant mummy duties to tend to, which without mention come before all of the glitzy above. I’m a new mum and i think i’m a great mum. (I do have my moments of fear and doubt.) But really nothing is harder to me, than getting that part of my life correct. I can smile and wave and photoshoot and interview and Tweet fans all i want…but my beautiful baby Ruby (who had her immunisations yesterday) is the one thing in life, if i get nothing else right…that i need to pass with a champagne victory cup. I actually hate taking her to her ‘jabs,’ simply because i can’t stand watching her be hurt. Keiran came to handle the situation…as he is pretty much Ruby’s favourite human and well he held her gently on his knee, as she sat, flinched and cried a little. Followed by a lot. 🙁 However…she swaggered it off and chilled with Grandma Wunna, whilst we then tended to ‘Parents Evening.’ Yes, even at 1….she has a parents evening and this is gonna sound really weird, because i’d usually be found sitting at the back in a faux fur, snoozing in my eyelashes, with too much lippy on and stilettos. But OH MY GOD…it was probably the most informative night on parenting, love, reactions and life i could’ve ever been too. I have amazing people caring for my daughter. It actually made both of us feel really secure. I was super impressed. What they do is a MARVEL. I actually remember looking above to the wall behind ‘Lisa’ (the lady who owns the nursery and gave the talk)…and in big bold decorative wall print, in dark green, upon light…read the words, ‘Welcome…Enter with a happy heart.’ I loved that. However, maybe if i was noticing that…I wasn’t really 100% listening. 🙂 #welldonewunna

I have lots of things going on emotionally right now. I’m waiting for results. I’m tending to my love life. If i could actually comment on my love life, meaning my relationship with Keiran right now..the only thing i would say is that it is filled with love.  I know from living upon this little earth ball and even from only 31 years, that love conquers everything and when it’s the whole heartedly unconditional kind, it turns into magic. I love him without condition, how could i not, after sharing so many ‘forever’ perfect moments with him. Therefore even though it may look a bit bumpy at times…Last night, when we laid on the sofa and i stroked his head to ease his stress (he’s been going through a lot right now,) in order to calm his mind and clear a little bit of space..whilst he was half asleep and whilst we were half a cuddle, he quietly uttered ‘my heart wants to marry you.’ (I secretly cried after that, as he slept, because i’ve been holding a lot of everything in. Yet it’s those moments that you remember in life and the moments that will always matter. )  The good thing is that we’re the same, meaning it makes it very easy for me to understand him…without him even having to say. The rest of the evening was spend cuddling on clean sheets. I guess sometimes all people need is a good nights sleep, next to the one they love and a cuddle. We are both of happy heart right now. I feel excited again. It’s important to keep things simple…and just love. It’s really not as hard as everyone tries to make it. I have a wonderful handsome and well he has a delicious ‘Wunna.’ What could be better…

Away from all that…i recieved an out of the blue phone call from Hollywood last night, from an old friend ‘DK’ who has produced a script, based upon my life. Great news was delivered, but as always…i can’t really talk about it all yet. Ho hum! But FUCK YEAH! Innit. I haven’t heard an American in ages, even though used to be super dooper American. DK actually saved my life. I enjoy people who tend to such and i even more enjoy people who tend to such AND deliver wonderful news to Wunna land. Yippeeee!

Anyway, the photo above…is one of the promo photos from my bunny shoot, for my big glitzy book launch party at Bed, in Leeds on May 26th. Taken my Nathan ‘D’Amour. (Amazing photog. Amazing guy.) There’s actually lots of these yummy little pics…shot on Tuesday and lots of them including my gorgeous little bunny girls! I can’t wait to see the rest of the pix…and i can’t wait to see you all there. It’s bizarre looking at freshly freshly pictures of you, even if you’ve been a model all your life. I’m 31, a mum now and well if anything, i’m proving that this doll’s still got it. 😉 *Wiggle-Wink.* I look good as a bunny. I do! (Even if the picture took 10 hours to edit. 🙂

Thank you for all your messages. I feel like i have a giant Wunna Army right now and it really does put a smile on my little tragic facey. 😉 Love you all and wish you all a Wunnafully day-ye-yo.

ps/ Had a morning phonecall with a lady offering up a little bit of a reality show with E4 for Keiran and I. I turned it down within 3 minutes, due to it’s premise. Make sure all your projects are the right kind of projects for you and what you represent. I’ve learnt this the hard way, but finally got it right. 🙂 However do take risks, with a ballsy bit of confidence and go ahead and making your dreams come true. 🙂

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