A Quickie

Woke up this morning, being haunted via flash back, by this one boy i dated. I was shot back to a moment in LA on a roadside, whilst i was walking out of his appartment after staying the night, and him shouting my name, across the street. As i tuned around he stopped and yelled, ‘One day i’ll marry you.’ We don’t talk now.  He hates me. Great guy though. (hahaha) It’s the guilt!!

‘Brand’ as in ‘Russell’ made another unannounced appearance in my dream. I think he was pretending to be my husband again. It’s really odd, as i don’t have any urge to be married to him…he just keeps swiggy-swaggering in, playing ‘Romance Camp.’ Bad manners really. It’s my dream, NOT YOURS!! (haha)

Anyway, i’ve got to dot off, as i’ve an appointment with my hair extention lady!! Go to go!! I’ll report later! It SNOWED last night! IT’S CHRISTMAS!!!!’ Quick words of ‘Love’ advice: (Not like i’m Cupid, but F*** it, I’m Cupid) Never be anyone’s SECOND best, when you can be someone’s FIRST!! Godda GO! I’m being shoved!

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