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After work last night, my ‘hubby to be’ Keiran, swung by to pick me up for a quick drink before i had to head off home. I’d missed him all day, so just to see him in that moment waiting for me in his car was deliciously uplifting. He’d missed me all day too and well he seemed happy. We were both happy…so we headed off to the nearest ‘stop off’ for drinks and wee’s. 🙂

All was well. We’re in love. We’re bantering. We’re talking about my book. (Which is bizarre to me. I mean, i’m really weird like that. I LOVE talking about myself via my blog and maybe because i can’t see any of you. Lol. Yet when i’m caught up in a normal conversation about myself, or my random accidental achievements, it makes me feel weird. Even though you’d never know it. I can ‘front’ for the world and back, in a smile, giggle and faux fur, if i wanted.) It’s not that i get shy. It’s just that i know about me already. I’d just prefer to know about you. Innit? *Wiggle-wink* AND i’m weirdly more private these days than i ever thought! I’m losing my touch, i swear!! FFs. I@M TRAGICAL!!

Anyway, i need to run, so i’m basically tell you, that our evening turned into a bicker, which turned into a disagreement, where Handsome Keiran embarrassed me by walking out of the bar, in order to apparently avoid a public argument…(he was really just throwing a strop)…and leaving me there to drink my Disarano and coke alone, infront of a mirror, at a high table, by FAMILY PUB curtains, a cooked carvery counter, in my work coat…whilst randoms glared at me for a little bit pretending that they hadn’t seen a thing and whilst he waited in the car, in the rain. Lovely!

Now, i’ll tell you that i’m hardly ever, if NEVER annoyed at him. But today…I am. That’s three times now he’s either disregarded me or dismissed me mid-bicker (when he knows i don’t like it…i don’t even know why he does it)…and well even though he called when he got home, after i walked away from him..laptop in hand, under the stars and i mildy forgave him, due to an apology, in the back of my mind, i just don’t like being treated like that. Therefore i told him that the last 4 boys that i ever so happened to date disregarded me…and well i’m not about to go through that again. That behaviour needs to change. He’s sorry. We’re together. All is okay right now. But still….

All i really want is the fairytale Princess treatment and it’s truely what i believe i deserve. What EVERY girl deserves. (Well apart from the odd weird few of you, who are complete idiotic psychos. 🙂 )

I don’t like bad manners and i certainly don’t like his ‘Team Keiran’ strop. Luckily for him, he has good hair..and a decent tan…so i still love him. 🙂

I  feel like my pride has been mildy toyed with. I don’t like that one bit! I’m a feisty one…and well…i stay at his tonighta.

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