A quickie by a coffee

Hi, my bits of sexy. I’m currently blogging from the Starbucks at Junction 32 in Castleford, by old people, kiddies, Christmas trees and merriment. I’m with my mum, who has run off to the cash machine for a bit of spendy send spend and well Starbucks is a much better place to blog, than McDonalds. It simply feels like happy families and less like chicken nuggets. *lip gloss here*

Now, i told you that i’m currently on rest to enjoy the Christmas season, my birthday and the early stages of ‘bumpage.’ I’m only really sorting out my new lipgloss line for it’s launch next year. (I’m trying to come up with a name for it and well ‘Kitten’ is so far all the team has managed to conjour up? I am a Kitten. I like being referred to as a ‘kitten,’ yet i want more options and simply because i deserve them. *Wiggle-wink-strut.*) The book, i’m promoting next year. (I even have another one to write for next year too and it’s all about the art of sexy. *What a surprise*) So, other than topless tatty eating. (I tired to find a bra yesterday, with a mouthful of mash potato. Luckily the post man came to my patio door, right after i had managed to find clothes otherwise, he would’ve got the shock of his life, with my current ‘Zulu Warrior’ boobies. (Keiran says i have ‘burger nipples.’ #pregnancyrocks My nipples are now being compared to meat patties by the man of my dreams. I’m sure that doesn’t happen in fairytales? 🙂 Anyhow, i must’ve forgiven him because he got some loving this morning, because i was feeling sexy and well he looked super yummy, all naked and tucked up in my sheets. I’m certainly back, so to see and well burger nipples or not….he’s not complaining. Even though he did try and bargain a ‘blowjob’ out of me, when i asked if we could put the Christmas tree up. Give a man an inch and he’ll always try and tale a mile.)

Other than all that, i’m working on the beauty salon that i’m wanting to open next year. It’s a really complicated move to make for such a glamour puss. Yet I’m hoping it will all work out and i’ll finally be able to frolock in my millions, in heels, nipple tassles, big hair and in victory. I think business is the way forward and simply because former glamour models don’t make money when they’re older, unless they find a new lane of business to totter down. Next year should be a good year. So cocktails crossed! (I’ve just bought mulled wine flavoured posh tea, simply because it made me feel like i was boozing without actually being boozy. The sample girl well to spot me. As soon as she saw the preggo approaching, she immediately forced me to sample her goods.)

I’m really excited for my birthday treat to the forest log cabins again in December. My gorgeous hubby and yummy daughter and i will FINALLY get to hide away from the busy bodies of real life and escape to our retreat, which is a luxury cabin in the woods. Nothing is more perfect to us them simple, calm, hidden away from everything luxury. We’ll be in the woods, bubbling away in our outdoor winter hot tub and kicking back as we celebrate my 32nd birthday and a pre-christmas holiday! We’re both really excited and simply can’t wait and i’m a lucky girl for getting treated to it. I’m DIE in a proper log cabin in the woods, so one of luxury is far more my style. Ruby will adore it.

Lots of exciting things are happening right now and we can’t wait to get our early Christmas present from my mum this year on Saturday. We have no idea what it is, but i’m guessing it’s good, because Santa says i’ve been a delight.

My love life is tremendous. I have the perfect hubby right now, who is filled with nothing but love for me. I’m training my mind not to go insane and finding my place of security. When you’re preggo, you go mentally insane and although fun, it really does a number on you. My bump is starting to show and Ruby is getting fussier. I swear it’s like living the ‘Goldilocks and 3 Bears’ tale with her, but real life, Asian and moany. ‘Mummy, this is too hot. Mummy this is too cold.’ It should actually be called ‘Slanty eyed and with atittude problems.’  Hardly got the same ring to it.

Hope boyfriend season is going well for you. You don’t have long now to snag yourself a Christmas cuddle up. Be kind to one another and make love under tinsel.

Ps/Over Christmas i’ll be doing video blogs….be warned! 🙂

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