A quick whirl….

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Happy Saturday!

I’m just busting out a quick one, simply because I am only armed with Baby 1. Once Baby 2 gets here…the probability of me being able to tippy tappy on my pink notebook will not look too promising. Plus, we have a family day of shopping, as outfits, love and life have to be tended to. I ended up getting super sleepy yesterday because whenever it’s my first day off, of a few…my body just goes into collapse mode, where it just needs a rest.

I did a bit of beauty school, but sacked it off for shopping. Not because i’m a rebel, but because my mind couldn’t focus of important things. It just wanted wine, sleep and to be in the sun. (Super sunny yesterday!!! Very impressed. The weather went well with my pre made salad from Starbucks..which let me tell you are actually yummier than you would think! I sat outside under a shady umbrella, in the sun and ate it, as some random man sat opposite me and asked me questions about my eyes and love life.

My inbox annoyed me yesterday as it reminded me of ‘Old School’ days when boys repeatedly asked me questions about my vagina. I’d be on Cloud Nine, adoring my day off in the sun, buying shoes, clothes and all things glammy. Then my phone would alert me and present me with some awfully graphic inbox message from a pervert…any pervert that would immediately upset me and turn my smile to a frown. I mean, i’m not quite sure why it annoys me, as i’m open minded, dashed with a decent sense of humour. Plus, I did place myself in a position where in which i would recieve such one way banter. However, the utter disrespect that I feel when i read the mucky inboxes, makes my body squirm. It doesn’t make me lose my faith in good men. I know many good men. It just reminds me that there really are some disgusting ones…and helps me remember that some guys…suck. LEARN SOME MANNERS. I don’t like boys like that. The men that i have married (numerous πŸ™‚ ) …actually never ever spoke to me in a sexually disrespectful manner EVER, during normal everyday conversation. It was kept in the the right place…and that was in the bedroom. πŸ˜‰ The chances of you (random pervy men) actually managing to pull me, by messaging me something disgustingly sexual… is at ZERO. I have a lot going on right now anyhow. All great tooo! So, let’s just keep Wunna happy for now and not wind me up. πŸ™‚ My vagina doesn’t even like me, let alone it liking you. πŸ™‚ Now, go bother the other girls with pictures in tight bras.

RANT OVER! Respect women always. We gave you life. (Fuckers.)

The good thing is that really lovely text messages flooded through from friends, girls, boys and lovelies. That made me happy. I adore intellectually funny text messaging for kicks…even if they’re abusive. It made shopping, sunshine and life much better. Looks like it’s gonna rain today though. πŸ™‚

My evening was tinkered over with eyelash line work, High School Musical 2,with Ruby, who was dazzled by what she now thinks ‘Big School’ is like. I definitely fancy Zac Efron and I am certainly obsessed with Sharpay Evans. She is my idea of fabulousity and we all know that i adore all things FABULOUS. It doesn’t matter how fabulousity is served, i want it and SECONDS. I live for glitzy, glamourous oozy swirls of fabulous. Be it cutesy, diva or divine. I need it, love it and smear it all over me on a daily. To me, it’s what REAL GIRLS are made of. Red wine occurred.

Away from that i think i’m slowly getting a wee bit stressed, as it’s almost time to do my eyelash launch and get my product over here. The time is a ticky tocking and there’s lots to do. The one thing that i’ve learnt to do in 2014 and because the first half of it was so shitty, was to breathe and not get too stressed over nothing. Stay calm and handle life with ease. It’s the little things that terrify me more than the big things.

But yes…i’m breathing. In fact, to be honest, i’m actually quite excited!

Today’s agenda…

Doncaster here i come.


Ps/ I got a parcel today from JORD watches, a company that specializes in luxury watches made out of 100 percent real wood. I adore simple luxury, so i’m excited to try mine on. I‘ll tell you all about it once i’ve given it a whirl. πŸ˜‰

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