A Quick Little Grumble

You’ve really got to be in the mood for ‘listenning.’ It’s not my strongest of points and i seem to despise really long winded stories without a true beginning, middle or end. To the point where i will start being rude, so you (lets put it politely) ‘SHUT the hell UP!!’ As soon as my eyes peeled open this morning, a darling leaped into my sheets and proceeded to talk my ear off for approx. 2 whole boring hours about nothing worth listenning to. No matter how hard i did my ‘i’m so bored of you’ faces, it just seemed to be a bottomless pit of a story. I was dying. I went into the one way conversation a youthful yet still a bit hungover from Wednesday beauty and came of it if 45 years older. Jesus Fucking CHRIST. Keep your stories short and precise. Get to the point…ALWAYS! I hate ramblers. (Unless, ofcourse i’m rambling…than its a ‘rant of genius!’) I’ve said it once and i’ll say it again, if you are talking to me, hit each and every bullet point of your story…and do it quite efficiently. They finally left my bed, after i made up some lie about kittens, me and having to feed them. So i actually went back to sleep and woke up a fresh, so i could begin my day the way it was supposed to begin….without someone elses story about ‘nothing.’

Other than that (ooh i’m so chipper this morning) I’m sick. Like properly. Wednesday really battered my immune system threefold. I guess i’m quite a healty girl underneath a shit load of unhealthiness. So i’m having to sip my Ecchinacea tea, with blossom honey. I’m all for flower, or rooty based teas. I’m under the misconception that they really do make you feel 100 times better. I think i just like the idea of them. It’s so old school and makes me think i’m a red indian, having to drink magic potions of strength. It’s really just weeds shoved in a bag and then suffocated in water. I do actually feel about 10% better. Mind over matter. if you think it makes you better…it ussually does.

Today is all about ‘commitment.’ And i’m not talking about Love…thats over with now the 14th has past. I’m talking about dreams comin gture and all that jazz. If you want something bad enough all you have to do is be 100% commited to it. Sacrifice everything and anything for your ‘dream’ and you’ll obtain it. Those who don’t make it, really just didn’t try hard enough. Think about it…it’s true. They usually let distrcations get the better of them (I’m a fine example of that!) It’s never to late, so pull up those cotton socks, get some elbow grease a going, stay POSITIVE, concentrate on what your doing and not what others are doing  and march forward. There are no rules. Do it your way!  It’s all about commitment baby.



3 thoughts on “A Quick Little Grumble”

  1. U ARE TRUE TO A POINT BUT NOT TREI IN AN OTHER. say if it was your fream to be a footballer and u have sacrifesed to become it but u are slow and naturally untalented. u wont make it ot the prem will u. so your dream aint come true. iaint ever realy had many dreams apart from being an oil baron and having loads of fit birds ant yohts

  2. Well yeah a basic talent is much needed. yet surely no ones stupid enough to attempt such a dream with zero talent in that area.
    Everything i said is still 100% true. Its all about Commitment!


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