A Quick Life Catch

It’s a really busy time, but at the same time.. life is pretty amazing.(Cocktails for everyone! Let’s swirl’em around and paint the world Pina!) Yeah, I still have loads of problems and struggles and all sorts of drama! BUT for now, I’ve chilled them on *pause.* It’s Christmas! It’s my birthday month! It’s my favourite time of year! I’m happy! The babies are happy. (They’re so excited for Christmas.)So yeah, I just wanna have some fun now and celebrate everything I’ve achieved this year. Y’know…focus on the positive! All drama that tinkers into Wunna Land, will be either offered a party hat & rum…or be told to fuck off. 🙂 

Ruby: ‘Did we get Mrs.Preston gin for Christmas?’

Me: ‘No baby. They’re Victoria Secret ‘gin and tonic’ bath salts etc……’

Ruby: ‘..so her bath will make her FEEL like she’s sitting in gin…You’d like that Mum!’ 

Me: ‘Well mine’d be actual 

Gin, Boo boo.’

(She beamed, giggled and then we did Mama hugs in unicorn nighties. Ruby’s smashing school right now. In fact smashing life? don’t know what happened? But on Tuesday she seemed to have won everything? The Special Scroll, acknowledged for the poster she did with Junior. She also did her first school concert reading. In her personal life, she’s booked a film!! I’m really really proud of her! I’m really proud of the girl she’s growing up to be. I watch them both everyday and my heart literally swells with love.) 

Junior: ‘I’ve won stuff too.’

Me: ‘Haha. I know you have baby!! I love you madly! I mean, I don’t know anyone braver or kinder than you!’ 

He beamed!!!

I feel so lucky. I feel SO extremely lucky….and I’m working as hard as I possibly can, in order to make my mark and solidify my acting career…Yet at the same time fill my heart with joy, my soul with utter ‘happiness’ and provide a life of blissful, yet magical wonder…for both Ruby & Junior. There’s a plan. There’s a big picture. It’s just a pencil sketch right now…Yet hopefully that drawing comes alive.

But it’s going well… 😉 (I know!!!!) 

*Happy Dance Here*

Oh, gu’on...

Another*Happy Dance Here.*

After what’s felt like a merry jingle of self tape auditions….Honestly, I’d look on my phone…a self tape. I’d look in the mirror…Oh..I’m doing a self tape!!! I’m pouring ‘self tapes’ out the kettle. Self tapes are springing out the toaster and even pinging out the microwave. (I don’t know why I’ve used a kitchen vibe, to describe my situation…because my kitchen literally never ever gets used! Haha. I’d buy coffee and eat out? )

But you get it! I have literally recorded 9 zillion trillion self tapes in the last few weeks. Have you? No? Well you’re not working hard enough. (Lol. No really. you’re not.) If you don’t know what a self Tape is…it’s simply an audition tape for a tv/film role, basically if you can’t make it into the room of a casting. OR as the initial ‘Hey, watch me act.’ Then they either book you from your tape, but if it’s a feature film…or a big role…they’ll call you in, in person…based upon your tape. 

After all that….a happy glitter shower of luck, began to sprinkle upon the grounds of Wunna land! It was a steady golden sprinkle, that slowly swayed, as each tape was sent! 

I had call backs on them all, and a ‘Yeah you got the job’ on 80% of them…(I know!!!! YaaaaaaaaaaaAAAY!!!) And I’m not meaning for that to sound conceited. Although I am quite an egotistical human. Lol. There’s a true happiness to the above because I’ve come a long way. 

Whenever I hear a ‘yes,’ I still jump up and down with a child like, giddy GLEE. It still means so much to me. It kinda makes me reflect back to all those times ‘years ago’…in LA…when it was always an ‘almost nearly,’ or a‘maybe not for this role,’or a straight ‘No, babe.’ I actually thought I was a decent actress back then. I hustled my arse off. But I was shit! Haha 

I learnt very fast (and learnt it the hard way….ofcourse. Why have I run out or rum?) Butthis is what I learnt…Networking is great. But it DOESN’Twork if you’re SHIT at what you do. Haha.

Like relationships… Chat is empty without true talent. You can ‘meet, greet & wine’ all you like. You SAY what you want…. You can know every single person you need to. You’ll be their mate….They’ll hear you…But they’ll still always cast THE BEST ACTRESS for the role. Haha. It’s what you DO that matters! 

Peoples backs, reputations, money and all sorts are on the line. What they produce needs to be THE BEST example of their work! They’ll hire the team who ARE the best at what they do…and righty so?

So what I’m saying is, having the talent and being good at what you DO, IS the most important thing. 


Plus, it’s easier that way..You’ll hustle, you’ll get the job, you’ll perform superbly…everyone will tell someone and then work will naturally find it’s way TO YOU. That’s kinda what happens…and I mean that in general life. 

Obviously, right now I’m lucky. I’m tapping through an exciting time of ‘yesses’ and I’m just really happy, things are bubbling. I’m really grateful. 

I’d say I’m on a roll. But I AM working hard. I never want to walk into a casting room & give a poor performance. I care about doing well. I care about them. I care about telling their story. I want the job. I love being an actress. You should do the things you love & love the things you do! 

You should also apply the above tools to your love life. Haha. It works. 

I don’t even know where to start because I’m the last couple weeks, so much has happened??? I’ve auditioned a lot. But I’ve  booked a bunch of films..a bit of tv…I’ve snagged a new agent, due to the booking of things…I’ve presented a show, and I’ve even managed to film, a FILM in that time also. I’m filming another now…and I have a comedy Elf gig on Friday, there’s a British gangsta movie, a ninja movie, class at YAFTA on Saturday..and next week a table read for something I’ve just been cast on…and 2 other jobs…that I Film for that week also.  

I’ve also just got my call back email for a feature film that I really want…So if I go in and nail it…that’s my New Year booked…and if I do get it, I’ll be the lead female in the film!!!!!!! (One more read.) 


Agent: ‘She’s confident. She works really well. She has lots of experience. She’s a strong actress. She has a great look on camera…and well…she’s what everyone is looking/casting for right now. Tons of things are coming in.’ 

Aww! I Loves it! 

Last Saturday I got to read for Ian Bevitt. Great Director. Wonderful soul. He’s professional but he’s fun. I’m professional but cheeky. I’m down to earth…and then some. 

I had to read for him under a casting like situation…He said he saved ‘the best to last.’ Haha. 

Me: ‘Well I did notice that you weren’t calling me up??’ 

And to think that I was stood in front of a BAFTA award winning director…boshing out my script…whopping out a bit of acting, having an awesome bit of banter…and him actually really LOVING my work!!! As if!!!

Ian: ‘I’m actually really surprised!’

Me: ‘Haha! Why??? 

Ian: ‘Haha. I worded that wrong…that was GOOOD. Really good. Really natural. Why do you think I was surprised?’

Me: ‘…because I bounded on in like a Kangeroo with acid in her ramen noodles…?’

Ian: ‘Hahahaha ….Honestly that was a really good performance. I always look for both acting ability and people I CAN actually get on with and work it. You’re certainly that!!’ 

Me: ‘I don’t even know why the others even bothered coming? I’m obviously the best one…’

And just like that history, memories…and futures were made…. 😉 

Ian: ‘What did they ask you to do at your last casting?’

Me: ‘It was for a film…They read me a couple times and then asked me to answer a few questions in character, about the character…’ 

Ian: ‘Really! Who was that? Did you get the job?’

Me: ‘Dotty McCormack….and yeah…I got the job.’

I smiled. He smiled…

The next week I was filming the film….

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