A Moment of Thought

It doesn’t happen very often. ‘Thinking,’ that is. I believe in acting and speaking before you get around to thinking…you get a lot more said and done that way. If we all lived by the ‘Little less conversation, a little more action’ rule…..the World would be an even more gorgeous mess.Like Me! Yet sometimes a chaotic mess is a lot more exciting than a still, organized perfection. It worked for Elvis the Pelvis, so it can work for you too. (Or maybe not..he ended up fat and dead. And yeah, we’re all gonna end up ‘ka plunked’…but i’m not doing it like a drugged up FATTY! I will at least have my ‘Spanx’ on.) I turned mistake making into my ‘art.’ Make mistakes, say your piece, act on impulse! But always remember taking my advice usually ends badly! Three cheers!

9 thoughts on “A Moment of Thought”

  1. oh myh days u look the fucking bollox babe cheers chrissie u are helping to warm me up babe keep em coming babe. looks like u got a good libery in your gaffe babe read iceman the diary of a serial killer it is the guvna of a book

  2. lovely darts chrissie. i will have a butchers on amazon i will miss the old massages of thailand but i hope to go there and the philipines sept lol .


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