A Little thing called ‘Love.’

Hey my Lovers of little lime dumplings, today has been one of those days, where THE WUNNA has failed to manage the ‘firecracker’ in her dear tender soul and instead (due to a bleeding vaginary, monthly cycle) has commited to being the most short tempered of Pussy cats. OMG! Everything has just been ‘loooooong ass’ today. I’ve yelled at everything worth yelling at, myself, people, trees..you name it, i’ve had a go at it. (And i do mean that as in ‘been an angry ninja’ at it and not jumped upon it and fucked it. ūüôā ) Oooh, *she fans down her feist.* But whatever, i feisty girl is always sexy. I mean on the whole, i’ve been in a GREAT mood. It’s just been one of those days where i’ve been ‘full speed ahead’ and everyone else seems to have dragged ass. I’ve realized i’m bossy….and i like it. Lol. I feel powerful today, like i can point and things and beckon them my way! (Cue: Dancing Boys.) I’ve also noticed that i do not enjoy NOT getting my own way. I mean, i’ll smile, nod, giggle, and agree, then use TANTRUM, FORCE and VIOLENCE (Bad memories of being handcuffed to a prostitute) ¬†until you submit. I really should cut people out of my circle for not ‘green lighting’ my every move. But then again, i need you to feel me up and buy me diamonds. Ho hum.

On a jolly note, I’ve had a great work day and an even better shopping day. I spent 2 hours in a bank, where a lovely banker of ‘ooh laa’ placed my momney in places that i didn’t really know it needed to be placed. It’s funny how bankers are your best friend when the cheques are rollie pollying in and HATE you, when you’re trying to shit a pretty penny out ya arse. I want to be a banker. ‘Oh you’re poor? Please do go away.’ But anyhow, today they were more than lovely lovely to me, so i took non of their advice, strutted off to the Benefit counter, and got tricked into spending ¬£296 on FUCKING lip gloss. Haha. I loved the lady who served me, and i knew i’d be in trouble, as soon as she beckoned me over.¬† I mean i trusted her enough to play with my face and I NEVER let anyone DO THAT. ( I actually hate people doing my face. I’m a floozey. I’ve done it since i was 4. I have my look down, after years of tragic experiement. Don’t touch me. But I let her. ) Anyway, ‘just having a look’ turned into a chat about my reality tv stint, my Mother having a makeover and a pretty sweep of ‘yeah we’ll just take everything.’ I swear i do not even KNOW what i’ve purchased? I haven’t even looked at it yet. I think i got bronzer? But who cares i love it. I’m a girl! Plus with my own cosmetics line coming out *PLUG PLUG,* i’m wanting to check out what everyone else has got going on, so i can keep mine ALL ABOUT Glamour Pussing/Kitty Play and¬†Little¬†Chrissie Wunna.

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