A little past sandwich…

I’ve finally got back to Yorkshire after a long evening of travel. I’m in my pyjamas, i’m all snuggled up by a fire place, i’m surrounded by kittens, (they’ve had their ‘privates’ sorted, to keep them from shagging each other and having millions of inbred babies,) and i am one completely exhausted Kitty Cat of Greatness. I’ve suffering from a distinct lack of sleep. ( I went out last night. It wasn’t a late one, however, i got really drunky, woke up fully dressed. I felt awful. Like a solid ‘4,’ and mid feeling like crap, i puked. ūüôā But then, i jumped up, realized it was 6am, jumped back in bed, woke up at 8am. I actually felt AMAZING, got groomed, ready, changed, then coffee’d and Glamour pussed off to a very important meeting, with the good people that work in TV. Tremendous they were. I met them in the Victoria area. I like people who know their job and what they’re doing. I felt really comfortable, happy, excited about the future and like i could actually maybe take over the WORLD! Oh and i helped a tramp on the way at the station. He wanted to hold my hand. I let him.)

The train journey from London to ‘Back up north’ was looooong. I¬†was completely exhausted (but still managed to stuff a Whopper burger in my face, and then have pancakes) and well as soon as i even felt a seat near my ‘bootilicious,’ i pretty much¬†zonked into¬†dreamland¬†and i did it open mouthed. I was ridiculously eyelashed, furred, diamond studded, extended, boobied and orange. Mouth open? I probably looked dead. (Hurrah!) I woke up to an odd lady (in red)¬† holding my HAIR. I¬†cheekily looked¬†and smiled (i enjoy catching people out, coz it’s uncomfortable) and she completely pretended like it wasn’t even happening, dropped the hair and made like she was reading the whole entire time. Genius! I love it!

¬†Then i found that the group of girls in the seats infront of me,¬†were having an in depth conversation about my ex-hubby, (not knowing i was listenning in, or that he was my previous parcel of ‘I do.‘) AND the girls in the seats right BEHIND me, were talking about ‘Paris Hiltons British Best Friend,’ again not knowing, i was hidden away, a carpetted train chair infront of them! I was their favourite. Funnily enough, i was MY favourite too. ūüôā I was accidentally sandwiched between ‘train going’ lovelies, who were¬†all discussing my past around me. It sort of just made me look at my rather distorted image, in the train window and smile. It’s great¬†when you find yourself ¬†in the exact right place, at the exact right time. I’m happy, i feel amazing, i’m growing up and i really wish i didn’t have that Whopper. (‘Withnail & I’ is on the telly right now. It reminds me of Mikey. We’d watch it in the day and he’d love doing all the voices. If you’ve ever watched a movie with him, that he adores, you’re pretty much FUCKED,¬†because he’ll either completely ban you from talking, or even looking away for one second. OR he’ll act the WHOLE entire thing out, whilst it’s on and rewind any bit he’s missed or not performed to his best ability.)

I’ve got an absolute jolly load to blog, yet i simply can’t do it, due to the ‘muchness’ of it all. I’ll have to do it tomorrow. I can’t believe how much has happened? I can’t believe i only did London (where i live) for ONE day. It got to me, right away. I feel whole when up north, good things happen to me here. Oh and i went to my eye test and they weirdly claimed my eyes were fine. UGH! I had to go in three times and see two different opticians, a beautiful lady and finally the hot male one. (WOOHOO!) It was hilariously tragic, because he couldn’t put the ‘optical sight’ glasses over my eyes properly because my eyelashes got in the way and he didn’t want to squash them. THEN he couldn’t hook them behind my ears, because of my hair extensions, my weave ends were like ‘oh hell no!’ Then he had to lean in to look in my eye ( i began pissing myself like a lunatic, for no reason other than happiness.) He leant in but¬†accidentally knocked into my boob.¬†Haha! ¬†All my fakery, is prohibiting me from ever having decent sight. But ah well…you win some, you lose some!

I actually met a lot of my Facebook fans at Kings Cross this evening. Four different people stopped me to ask if i was ‘Chrissie?‘ I’m at an odd stage now, where people are scared to talk to me. However, four seperate lovelies did and three of them were shaking. I always wonder why or what’s going through their head? I immediately want them to feel comfortable. I loved it. They were really sweet. Hugs and kisses all around. I picked up on something that one girl said to me today (during that time) ¬†and that was, ‘The good thing about you Chrissie, is that people can actually read your blog,¬† see you out and about, and you really WILL stop and talk to us, like we’re best friends and do things with us. I feel like i know you!’ (The ‘do things’ part is because I helped her try to find her train home. God knows how i actually managed it? I was terribly hungover. But i did bitches…and whilst eating pancakes mid-totter.) I love how when people meet me, they’re never like ‘Wow,’ they simply find it surreal. It’s almost as if i’m a fictional character and not a real life person, who comes to life¬†and crosses your path, and takes you on a magically (drunk) adventure. I actually quite like it and i¬†enjoy the fact¬†that everybody knows what’s going on in my life, how i’m feeling, what i’m thinking, where i’m going, what i’m doing….? It makes me feel like the¬†jolly members of the world (with good taste in bloggers)¬†¬†are living my life with Me, but REALLY¬†and well¬†hopefully i’m bringing people together, without them even knowing. Plus, by watching Me celebrate MY life, you’re learning to truely celebrate Yours. I’m a normal girl, trying to make her dreams come true. I do things right. I do things wrong. But i’m learning as I go along and as if by magic, it’s all happening. My dreams are coming true.¬†( I mean, i accidentally had a little ‘happy-weep’ today in my appartment. I looked around and filled up for no reason, other than ‘i’m happy’ and on my period. ūüôā I don’t know what’s gonna happen to Me in the end? I just know it’s something amazing…

I’m gonna have to go to bed…i am KNACKERED. I can’t write a decent blog, when i’m feeling quite indecently exhausted! I LOVE you…deeply. x

‘Can you ask Chrissie, if she wants some Andy

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