A Little Game of Hard To Get

Okay, i’m wanting to talk about this tiny game of tragicness, that we as the kittens of the world, refer to as ‘hard to get.’ I’m not a fan of this complicated matter of game-o…simply because i enjoy directness, bravery and preferably no child like game. However, i do want to cover important ground on this subject, for those of you who play such a ‘dilly dally’  in order to win the heart of another. (Yes, i do have a tragic friend playing it right now, to another that he loves quite deeply, yet out of sheer lack in believing in his own dear ability of charm, believes that he needs this game, in order to make the girl in question want him.) This game only works on children, or those who are inexperienced in life, love or self worth. Like why would you want something that is playing like it doesn’t want you. It disturbs me! Don’t sell yourself short, if they are wasting your time, put on better heels and *strut* onward to a ‘being’ who doesn’t need to play a game of ‘Hard to.’ I enjoy the game of ‘GET.’ You can leave the ‘Hard to,’ for the bedroom. 😉

Another thing about this lovely lace of lies, to win the affection of another…is that surely the rules to the game of ‘Hard to get’ is that you actually get ‘gotten’ in the end. I mean, i know people who have been playing it for a rather long time, led people on, pretending that they don’t want them, when all they really want is THEM FOREVER. They play the game so well that, they watch the object of their affection, their entire world, walk off, find another, marry another and still they lack the courage to actually tell them that they indeed do want to be with them. Infact, they miss the boat, due to the tremendous playing of ‘hard to get.’ Which i can’t help but laugh at. I love that they actually forget the the part where they are to be ‘gotten.’ HAHA!

Now i understand, ‘tease’ and not being too easy, or wanting to flirt your way into the heart of another. But ‘hard to get’ is boring to me. Don’t get me wrong…it works on the young. But i’d just get bored and think they were time wasters. Like for everytime you pull away….(if the object of your affection is desired by many), 50 other people will gravitate towards them and you’ll miss your opportunity. I mean, it only takes an hour in a bar to find your next relationship really. I found a husband in a one hour stint in a drama class.

If you are playing it don’t bother. Have the balls to believe that someone would actually like you, for who you are. I mean, no-one can hate you for loving them and if they do, they’re a twat. I do however, always perfer the men that just politely and forwardly ask me out…even when they’re shy. It’s the right way and charming. I’m noticing that what i have over others right now, is courage. I never knew that I would be so ballsy? I mean i haven’t always been this way. I started life off quite shy…-ish.  But i guess being torn apart emotionally in Hollywood, and having to fight for your way in life, a reason to get noticed….made me this way and luckily, in England….it’s working for me. Try it. It doesn’t bite! A little bit of ‘coto theu-rage’ never hurt anybody, now did it. It fucking WON wars! (I’m currently having a flashback of me leaping onto a giant moving vehicle in a parking lot, during the day, in LA …drunk, telling a boy that i loved him, whilst he was calling security and laughing out loud! I was 24! Infact, i passed out in my own vomit, shortly afterward. Lovely. Lovely.)

Oh and by the way, I’m an easy pull…if you do it in the correct fashion. All it takes is the perfect energy, a delicious wink and a whole lot of love.

I Adore you x

My Favourite quote of the day :

“I’m selfish, impatient and a little bit insecure. I make mistakes, I am out of control, and at times hard to handle. But if you can’t handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don’t deserve me at my best.”
-Marilyn Monroe

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