A Little Bit of ‘sexy time’

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I’m an idiot! I’ve just had phone sex. OMG! I feel all weird and fumbly. But it’s not that bad right? As the good thing about phone sex, is that it’s not actually real sex, therefore you’re kinda keeping your merry self out of trouble innit! Hah…i love how i’m trying to justify it all. (Needs a chick friend to slap her.)

Anyway, i was talking to this guy (…on the phone…obviously) and well he’s a successful boy, who shall remain nameless. I’ve very recently become ‘just friends’ with him. Infact, i think (after a little talk) that we have the same friends….which is always quite handy. We’re on the phone chatting about really ‘normal’ things. I didn’t really think too much or that he fancied me…which made me feel all comfortable and cosy. And well for fun he decided he was going to give me a ‘over the phone’ mulitple choice question game. (I like this, as it’s a good way to get to get to know someone. It makes a change from the usual old bullshit. ) Plus, as we know, i’m quite partial to answering questions about myself. I zone out when people aren’t talking about me.

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