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I wanted to start off this morning by positively telling you that 66% of Men have NEVER cheated on a partner. Isn’t that lovely to know. I think to cheat on someone is probably one of the worst things you can ever do to a being and well if you’re a girl going through a difficult time with a ‘dandy,’ (and there must be loads of you reading this right now) know that the MAJORITY of males 66% of them would not do that to you. I’m only saying that because i have a friend, who instead of trusting her ‘other half’ is ruining their time together by constantly worrying about the worst. It’s important to stay positive and trust people because then you will attract positive things to you. It’s the power of the mind. Use yours correctly and don’t fill it or ‘fuzz’ it with negativity. If you do that’s all you will attract. Don’t get me wrong there are some idiots, who don’t know a good thing, when they have it…but know that nowadays the MAJORITY of Men have been raised well by their Mothers & will be good to you. Every man needs a strong woman to love them regardless. It’s how they are naturally built from birth & i don’t think any of them would deny that either. Why would they? It’s a beautiful thing.

Oh and to lower the tone a little bit, (and this is for the boys) research proves that 2.3 MILLION men worldwide regularly have problems with keeping an erection. It is normal, so if you are one of the 2.3 MILLION know it’s okay, there is nothing worng with you and that the girl will love you anyway. Good relationships are not built on sex, they are made stronger through ‘hard times,’ a loving bond and a friendship. Like i recently said to a boy…it’s an ‘unconditional connection.’ A decent girl will stand by you through your worst. Have faith in that & in yourself. Men always think their not good enough, when really they make our world ‘complete.’ Like i don’t care what a guy does, where he’s from, if he’s rich, if he’s poor…if i love him, i love him and that is a million times more important to me than anything really.

I’m feeling good today, fresh, excited, loving the new me. You know how people are always saying that you should treat others how you wish to be treated. Well i don’t think that’s entirely true. I believe that you should treat yourself the way to want others to treat you…and like ‘magic’ it works. I’ve gone through a big change the last week and well it’s amzing how much better i feel about myself. I feel powerful, happy, respected and instead of people yelling ‘ Get Ya tits’ out at me on the street…I now have people stopping me shaking my hand and telling me i’m ‘beautiful.’ It’s a much better feeling…and i’m not just talking Men. Like Mothers are coming up to me and saying it, when i’m out shopping and i really like that. I’ve changed. I’ve found myself again and it feels AMAZING!!

I am at home book writing today. I’m getting really into it right now. I might go out for a little drink tonight, not a crazy ‘hoo-harr,’ but a gin & tonic or a cola cube drink as it’s buy one drink get another for a penny at ‘The Counting House’ tonight. (I love drinks for a penny. Lol) But it is quite rainy therefore i might chicken out of the whole thing. Yet i doubt it very much. I still love a ‘good time.’ I’m built this way. I was born for merriment. lol

Hahaha…i feel so ‘Dr.Phil’ today, sorry about that, i know it’s annoying.  I just wanna make sure everyones okay in the world. (Lol) When things are bad, they’re rarely ever as bad as you think and well you can overcome anything!! You really can…and happily. Have fun, clear your head, be whole and love the ones that love you back. (I haven’t had hate mail in a whole week. Hurrah!!!) Underneath it all you have your whole life ahead of you and life is shorter than you think. Make the most of it. It is amazing. Fold away the past, keep in the ‘present’ and be positive about the future.

I’m now gonna go watch ‘Desperate Housewives’ make lunch and continue scribbling out my ‘Glamour Puss’ book. x (Oh and summer just needs to be over…it’s raining all the way through it. Hahha. Bring on Christmas! My favourite time of year!) WOO-HOO!

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  1. yes 66 percent is a fair percentage and i think i am one of em if i had a richard i liked enough to be with i wouldnt cheat on her. u look ream in this pic chrissie


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