A Little bit of a Boost Up…


Happy Weekened My Delicious Fools of Gold!!!  Anyway to prevent my pretty self from waking up at 4.30am in the morning, like i’ve been accidentally doing for the past few days. I made the executive decision (oh The Wunna logic) to actually go to BED at 4.30am, therefore WAKING up at that time would be almost an impossibility….unless i really am a figment of your imagination and therefore ridiculously magic. I stayed researching the lives of all GREAT, Beautiful beings. I study successful people. I watch. I learn. Then i try to steal all their ideas…yet it never works. Now let me tell you why, my darlings!!! (I mean i don’t do that now because i feel quite successful. Yeah i have a long way to go…but that’s only my ambition getting the better of Me. The last 2 months have rocketted me up a platform. I want the platform, so i can be heard, i can inspire and mainly be admired by the masses.)

Okay, Boys and Girls. Ladies and Gents. Infact all those trying to pursue a career in showbusiness. A career in entertainment. I’m an entertainer…and therefore i know how hard it can be on the old heart at times. I mean i’ve lived it through Hollywood, learning everything the HARD way. I’ve been up, down, beat down, casting couched, worshipped, been ridiculously popular and been ridiculously unpopular. But i know how this business of ‘show’ works and not from reading books, but from learning first hand. I’ve paid by dues. I’ve done my time. For all those that say i haven’t. Well let me tell you, i first stepped on a stage when i was 5…and had to wait at least 15 more years ( my life 3 times over before i actually started getting paid for it)…..it’s been a long ass time and i’m still trundling along joyously, trying to make the BIG TIME. But i’m much closer now…why…because i’ve worked hard. I’ve been dedicated. Lazy and drunk at times…maybe a bit self destructive and a whore…but dedicated. (Oh and i watched that BNP thing last night on ‘Question Time.’ Hmm…? A jolly bunch the BNP. (lol) A 90% White Britain?? Where would i go?? I’d be boxed up and sent to sea? Maybe i get to stay?? Who else is gonna make your egg rolls and No.55’s and give you ‘Happy endings?’ Aaah din’t think about that!!! Did ya Griffin!!!

Anyway, fuck i got distracted. Okay. What i wanted to tell you was this… I’ve noticed lots of ‘young’uns’ in entertainment are getting it all wrong. They want the success and they want it fast…yet don’t realize how well you need to know yourself in order to be successful. Or do it in all the wrong ways. (Eg/sucking up to all the right people, dating the right people, hanging out with the right people etc..) Like you have to be pretty good mates with yourself. I’ve lived a life…a tragic one. I’ve been through it and all kinds of jiggery pokery. I’m in tune with little Miss.Wunna, i know her inside out..i’m not afraid to tell you my truth…and i’m doing well… i have no FEAR! I feel beautiful.

I think that in order to be a ‘success,’ you need to be truthful, honest, raw and refrain from immitating someone you like, or adopting a manner. I’ve made this mistake so may times!!! BE YOU, y’know surprise people. It’s an elementary mistake that people make, to COPY what they LOVE. I mean, you hear people say, i wanna be like Justin Timberlake, or Christina Aguilera or whoever else you cream ya knick knacks over…Yet people don’t realize that what they actually are…is themselves!!! They are the original version of themselves. If you copy them….you will just be a shit second rate version of them. Which isn’t bad…it that’s all you want.

The main reason you have to be ‘in tune’ with yourself, who you are, what your about…in order to be a ‘GREAT.’ Is because when you are ‘in tune,’ you’re in line with the universe (No i’m not on drugs, i’m on tea) and you will be supported by the energy around you…creating the perfect ‘flow.’ If you are constantly trying to be something your not, or copying someone in order to be ‘cool,’ or be like them…then you are  breaking away from your natural authenticity because it’s not who you really are. And well you’ll just be CRAP and always hit brick walls. Woohoo! Hand out the wine and condoms! Bring me CAKE and pussy!

By all means learn from people you admire, learn from your favourite ‘talents.’ I do on a daily. But i just don’t think you can be ‘GREAT’ until you’ve firstly done your job enough and secondly until you have found YOU, are able to be honest, loving, beautiful and are comfortable with your very tragic self…bruises and all. (Winks)

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