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Totally had ‘UPDO’ wars with Kelly in the office today. Now, Kelly…another lovely bit of Glamour Puss, who I simply adore, quite often works the ‘updo.’ Infact, she performs it rather marvellously, with a delicious, posh, sharp, proffessional air of sexual. I rocked in with my version of ‘updo’ today. In my too big for me heels and my ‘lost a bit more baby weight’ bootay and yeah…she was impressed. Mine was a bit more trashy than hers. A big, messy, curly, glamourous, jabbed with golden flowers (lol) bundle of ‘do.’ I love it. Even though it kinda made me all off balance. And yeah, the ‘Updo’ wars have begun. Everyady we will try and make them bigger and bigger, until one of us is defeated. We’re both lovable, and fiery. Therefore, we’ll both end up winner. I love Kelly. However, today she was a finding life a bit too much. The way she described how she felt was Wunnaful. ‘I’ve kinda been hidden in my tunnel vision…’ *Did hands like a tunnel over her face and peeked.* ‘However now i’ve started to peer over the edges and kinda get drawn in by the excitement of life.’ Now, i’m not a good person to be around during these moments, as i’m ever the adventurer and the best bad influence in town. Luckily, i calmed my ‘ooh laa’ and sympathized, instead of beckoning her on a magical tour of my own Tom Foolery, where responsibility is sent swirling down the plug-hole and fun, fun FUN, takes over. It all ends in tears, when i get involved. However, luckily, you’ll be rolled in Glitter.

On a better note, Peter aka Loverboy and I are WONDERFUL. We really are dancing within our own delicious fairytale of innocent love. A love that i longed for, for at least a jolly old Hollywood decade. He’s obsessed with tryingt o make me laugh right now. (It’s like i’m 5 years old.) Not only has he just down his white towel bum dance. A dance where in which he dries his freshly showered bum bum, cheekily, like he’s a giddy, girly peepshow, to telly music, with ‘ooh’ faces to make me smile. I love it and mainly because i enjoy his bum. It’s all giggly and has a life of its own. My boobs are bitches and his bum is ..well…a circus act. Together,w e form the hottest cobination of deliciousness ever. Yet instead of usin git for evil, we instead forget how yummy they are and find dancing with my baby daughter, far more important. Ruby is 4 months old today. Pete is doing random comedy faces at me from the kitchen and between his legs? Don’t ask.

I think what i like about all this malarky is the fact that i feel like a little girl once more, instead of always having to be the soldier in life. i can finally rest and just, wiggle, giggle and with a wink.

Ah! Bliss!

I gave Kelly in the office advice today. I’m shit at advice and rarely give it because the last time I did, the boy ended up changing his sexual preference by accident. Yet she wanted to know what I thought about men and how to work them? All i said to her from my swivel chair, and in my Updo, was ‘Men like 3 things..MONEY, sex and their own shit. If you want them to sway over to the good side and do as you say, you give them sex. The good kind. If you want to teach them a lesson, you control or use up all their money. And finally men just do not liek ANYONE touching what’s there’s. To annoy them…touch them. They’ll get the message.’

I’ve done all of the above on Pete and well look how fairytale we are right now. We couldn’t even be happier. Ruby, Pet and I are..dare I even say it…almost perfect. I could die a happy kitten.

We bought Ruby a pink baby walker today. My lil’ Diva has wanted one for ages, therefore we bought her it. It’s sort of like her first car, but with playing nursery rhymes and cutest ‘Honkers.’ Anyway, like all good things, it totally got the better of her and her excitement made her bubble over with a giddy ‘ooh laa’ of OMG!OMG!OMG! There was giggling, dribblign and everything. Then and like with everything…the tears. Ruby got so excited about the whole thing, that she almost passed out with joy. We had to make her park it up and have a bit of bottle to calm her down.

Life couldn’t be better. However, a little bit more excitement needs to take place. I’m still waiting for my book photos/ 🙁

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