A Healthy Dose of Jiggery Pokery

chrissie_20[1] - Copy

Well Heeeeelllllooo my dumplings of ‘fudge.’ I’m up, i’m feeling oddly amazing for this time of morning. I had the best nights sleep ever and i’m currently laughing at old memories, but kinda laughing at them to myself (which sort of makes me look a bit ‘Yes i do lick windows on fridays.’ But ah well, you can’t win them all. Well you can? I’m totally loving the new saying ‘Impatience is  a Virtue.’ I’m deciding to live my life by that.

I’ve had a lot of my LA friends catch up with me just recently and a lot of my exes have a quick ‘holla.’ Isn’t it always the case though. However, England is growing on me now and i think i actually needed it in order to truely find myself. I mean the people are still a bit odd? But i’ve met a couple of really really great ‘lovelies,’ who i can positively collect and keep in my life forever. God i’m craving a bubble bath right now.

I’m just remebering this time, and

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