A Floozey With Morals

I enjoy that i am under the misconception that, if i do something ‘naughty’ yet do it in my sunglasses, i’m actually in disguise and therefore no one can see me do it, i can’t even see me do it, and well if 1 + 1 = 5… it NEVER even really happened. If no eye direct eye contact was made…anything you saw, you imagined. (Logic was never my forte. I more take the ‘logic‘ and give it my own ‘Wunna’ twist. I add a wink, a bit of Malibu, stick a cocktail umbrella in it and there you have it…complete tragedy!) I’m a practioner in the craft of ‘oooh laaa.’ I don’t need logic, it needs Me. My ways could win wars!!

Actually woke up to fan mail, which ofcourse is a really lovely feeling. I’m quite glad that i’m inspiring people by accident. I’m excited by it! I might even give myself a pat on the old backage, but really is *stretching* really something i do? I don’t think so. I’m a girl. If i can’t reach it…then surely a member of the opposing sex will commit to the ‘reach‘ and solve all my problems for Me. Now, i’m on this random bit of ‘ooh laa,’ i actually really don’t like to see girls who are tottering around with a boys, yet are humbled over, struggling to carry a massively heavy bag, whilst the boy *struts* onward freely, on this phone and doing his hair in a passing window. I saw it at the train station two days ago! If you’re a man, you stop and you CARRY that bag for her regardless!! Boys are getting away with murder! I find men like that unattractive. I mean i remember when Mike and I were moving into our second home in  (which even to this day i adore,) he MADE all his guy friends ‘Macho’ over, to carry boxes and point blank REFU

 It’s bizarre because i’m extremely open minded about almost everything. A bit too open minded. I’m one to test your moral meter. Yet weirdly i’m highly traditional and old fashioned when it comes to love, respect and manners. I guess the manners comes from the ‘British’ in Me. The respect is the old ‘Asian’ way and the ‘love,’…well that’s the human being in Me. 🙂 (God, i’m full of cold. It’s all the wearing of party dresses in the cold coat-less. Don’t do it! You’ll get a snotty nose and no-one will wanna shag you.)

I’m just getting a *Flash back* of Jonny’s 21st birthday, when he was dragging himself down the pavement, looking like a rag & bone man, at 4am, carrying what looked like 40 coats, after spending the last 40 minutes at a Camden kebab shop, whilst i (who was waiting for him outside his place, with his friend Lauren,) ended up having to convince a ‘really did hate men’ lesbian, to let us in her appartment in the early hours of the morning, so we wouldn’t be cold. All i remember is a fish tank, laundry and her hunting for drugs. We’d been in there for ages & i was pissing myself. Yet, as always my laugh gave me away and the lesbian *paused,* looked at me and said, ‘Do I know you from somewhere???‘ The poor girl had the tragic, but beautiful mess that is ‘Chrissie Wunna’ on her sofa and she didn’t realise. I simply said ‘No.’ But i really wanted to inform her that i was a legend. 🙂

God, i just got a message from a lovely gentleman on Facebook called ‘Wael Madany,’ who quite merrily this morning wants me to ‘FUCK OFF’ and then go on to ‘FUCK MY MOTHER.’ Ooh dear. Another positive passenger. He’s angry at me for not replying to him immediately on Facebook chat, which therefore would mean i don’t care. And quite frankly to be honest…I don’t. It’s his really good manners, it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I’ve noticed that i am recently complaining a great deal about the ‘pervy wervies,‘ however i’m not doing myself any favours. But now things are about to change. I mean, the way someone’s percieved will pretty much determine how they will be treated. I keep forgetting that lesson. UGH much! Like i always ramble on about wanting to find my ‘Knight.’ The man of my Ultimate dreams, who i can conquer the world with and cherish with a ‘Kitty Cat- oooh.’ Yet, when you want to attract something into your life, who kinda have to make sure you’re actions are not contradicting your desires. Yet whatever, i’m not bothered. I’m sure he’ll bump into me and inform me. Whatever will be, will be. I’m LOVING life right now and i’m living it. Being the happy, playful kitty, of complete & cheeky *wink wink* is amazing, but i can feel myself maturing mentally and it’s oddly terrifying me. Hence why i’m needing to take a little ‘time out’ from London town. I’m doing really well, really fast and i guess it’s important to me that i stay grounded and well footed right now, in order to get my head around it all and what better place to do it in, than the comfort of the place that you were born. *Wiggle-Giggle-Pout* (Ooh

Cuppa tea please!!! (Picture above from the Fashion Challenge PHBBF.)

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