A film kinda life…

I don’t even really know where to start? So I guess I’ll just start right here….

I feel so grateful & so incredibly lucky to have recently been given so many opportunities to be able to work, create and ‘story tell,’ as my path meanders with others alike…and we do this thing called life…via the fine art of ‘film.’ 

To me… there’s nothing more magical & I just can’t believe…I really can’t believe…that I get to be a fully bloomed ‘grown up,’ that wakes up every morning & gets to do her dream job. I still wake up JUST as shocked, as I did the first time I booked an acting job…I love it so much. As I always say…I’m grateful. I take nothing for granted.

(It’s 3.57am and I’m laid in bed, in the dark typing this on my phone. It’s Jan 31st. Friday. I’m 39.) 

I remember being a tiny, little 6 year old…dancing around my Doncaster bedroom, acting out shows for my mum…(I even charged her 50p to watch them. Lol.) I’d wish that when I grew up, I’d get to be an actress. I’d tell everyone.

In fact, I didn’t wish…I just assumed that such would happen…and I guess…after a long road…a long life filled with those juicy ‘ups & downs,’ those moments of ‘give up,’ moments of celebration after achievement….travels across ponds…make ups, break ups, wrong decisions, right decisions…I got there. It was hard work. But I got there. 

It was certainly the juicy ‘ups & downs’ and that wee bit of gusto, that actually got me there. However, what I’m trying to say is…


The journey is still great…It’s fulfilling. Yet like I always say…when people look in…they forget the ‘journey part’ and applaud the result. But that’s fine! A great result is SOMETHING to be celebrated. We celebrate everything we can in Wunna Land. So, I’m with ya!

‘It’s not how you start. It’s how you finish.’ 

 I got there because I wanted to get there, because every lesson that I stumbled across through life..so far, along the way (and I’m still stumbling,) I learnt from. I never cried over spilt Prosecco. (That’s a lie..I cried a bit. Haha.) I watched. I learnt. I moved. I made goals & danced to my own music appropriately. I got it SO wrong SO many times…But that’s okay…I was confident enough to just keep on going…positively. 

I never gave up. I always found my way…

I made friends. I lost friends. I fell in love, tons of times. I had my heart broken, loads. I got jobs. I lost jobs.  

But I never lost that glow. That warmth. That love. That excitement.

I’m talking about life. I’ve always loved it and of course lived it. 😉 . When you love it…it loves you back. Yet, I now NEVER do ANYTHING that doesn’t make me happy. I make the best out of most things. But I don’t make the best out of a bad bargain. EVER. This habit has actually filled my life with a whole lot more balance, love & happiness. That essential ‘glow’ that I keep going on about.

I keep things simple.

I owe my happiness to good family, good friends, a great education & my children…Everyone always thinks I’m a ‘wild one,’ (I had my ‘hey days.’) However my basic manner, my soul, is quite the opposite. I’m outspoken. I’m cheeky. But I’m calm. I’m polite. I’m probably one of the politest people you’ll ever meet…with a sassy old, twist of charm and drizzle of wit. 🙂 

I’m not sleeping well right now…because (like I always tell you,) alongside this truly wonderful time…I have a BIG thing going on...(behind the doors of Wunna Land.) But I’m positive because I know that in a few months…it will all finally be over…and my son can finally be happy, without any stress anymore. It’s a stress he doesn’t deserve. His bravery is remarkable for a 6yr old. We are standing by him every step of the way.

Ruby’s doing well. She’s working hard in school, SHE’S dancing around HER bedroom and acting out shows that she demands I watch…Haha. She’s a creative soul, an ambitious but kind little lady. She’s emotionally grown.

Last weekend, she actually just booked her first paid film. It’s a gritty crime/drama.

Director: ‘I’m not gonna lie, she’s EXACTLY what we’re looking for.’

(We signed contracts immediately.)

She starts filming on Feb 16th during half term. I’m really proud of her. She’s really excited.


It was sweet because as soon as she got out of her audition and found out she got the job…Junior watched the time & called her.

Ju: ‘Did you get it Ru??’

Ruby: ‘I did! I did! I even get money. I can buy you that limo!’

All I could hear was Junior on speaker, running around the room, with absolute glee shouting…

‘She got it Grandma!!!! She got it!!!’

I always say that if I did anything RIGHT in life…lol…It would certainly be the fact that I raised the closest siblings ever. The amount of support & love they give each other is just so wonderful. I never taught them to do that…they just did.

(We popped around to my old work friend Mel’s on Friday…and I swear she was our good luck charm. The kids ran off to play with little Esme…her daughter. Then Mel & I caught up… There’s just something about Mel that soothes my soul. It’s probably because I can just be me. I can relax and be uncensored….AND well…she also has a story to tell.…I appreciate my moments with her. We’ve made each other laugh. We’ve seen each other cry before…She’s a good soul.)

Anyway…Back to BUSINESS!!

I’m really excited. This is what I have coming up! There’s a lot of work and it’s just so much fun.

Next week I begin shooting a film called ‘Perfect,’ by Jannah Zainol. I rehearse Tuesday to begin filming on Wednesday. I play ‘Paula.’ She’s ‘a popular daytime talk show host,’ and I CANNOT wait! It’s really great fun and with such an amazingly talented team! Lots of ‘Wunnerisms’ get to come into my character. So I can’t wait. I have butterflies in my tummy. The ones that flutter with excitement.

As soon as I wrap on that…I start filming ‘L’appel du Vide,’ by Georgia Frances. It is literally THE MOST beautiful film. A film that is quite simply layered with a Bitter/Sweet- Mind over Matter depth. I adore that I’ve been given the opportunity to be part of it. It’s just such a moving story…and I’m honoured to firstly work with such a creative Director AND be her female lead. (Eek!!) 

Straight after that…I shimmie onto the set of another film ‘Leave in Lurch,’ by Green Run Productions. It’s a really great, gritty crime/drama. I love the script. I cameo and play ‘Josh’s Girlfriend.’ This is the film that Ruby’s in. She’s actually got a great role. I have to be on set with her anyway…so I might as well cameo. 😉 It’s exciting! 

I’ll be telling you about them ALL, as I do them. I still need to tell you about ‘Extra,’ by Sean Martin, the AMAZING film I shot before Christmas. But it’s the screening soon, so shortly, I will be telling you all about my time on set.

I’ve also just booked the role of ‘Titania’ in ‘A Midsummer Nights Dream.’ It’s Shakespeare. It’s theatre. I’ll be on stage at the end of June & I can’t believe it. I’m really excited because it’s a long time since I stretched my ‘theatre’ wings. I’ve never done a Shakespeare play before…It’s challenging, but wonderful! I’m grateful to have been cast!

And along side all that…I’m GOING to ‘Monologue Slam’ it. I head to the auditions in April, for Monologue Slam UK. If I get through…I’ll get to be part of the action, and get to compete, against other actors, armed with nothing but a monologue. I’ll perform my piece live, in a 3 minute round, infront of four industry judges…who will crown a glorious ‘Monologue slamming’ Winner, in June.

There’s a lot going on.

Happy Friday!

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