A Few of My Favourite Tingz..




When people see me out shopping, they always want to know what i’ve bought? I get a lot of messages from young girls who want to know what i currently love. I love a lot of things (believe me…MYself, being the first on that list.) If i could buy me, i would! But don’t be thinking YOU can’t!! (Wink wink pout.)

Anyway, here are just some of the random things i bought 2 days, whilst bored. (But add 3 full bodied sequined dresses, to it..a goat and some dignity. Woohoo!) Like really if you put all that stuff together…spray yourself in 14 layers of fake tan, you would be the  ‘Chrissie Wunna Doing Lunch In The Day’ doll. I really do wear all that, over chicken with friends.

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