A few extra inches


‘When the going gets tough…the tough get into their bikinis!’ – Beverly Hills, (90210)

Tell me you’ve reached for your booty shorts, or your zebra bikini top, with a hair extension and a swagger! The sun is out, i’m weirdly not feeling stressed at all, i’m bubbling over with a giggly *wink* of ‘wa-woo-wee’ and oh dolly dollies, ‘The Wunna’ has stepped up her game. I’m telling you ladies..i’ve popped in a new extension and i feel divine…almost too kitty cat divine. When you look good, you feel good and then when the sun comes out you have good clean naughtiness. Keiran’s on the sofa, eating his banana porridge with Rambo in his thigh, doing ‘ooh’ faces at me, like he finds me ‘yummy-oh mama-yum-yummy-ooh-aah-aah.’ I love it when he pervs on me and glares me down like he couldn’t do any better in the ‘kitten’ department. It makes me feel all dollified and like i need to hump him with a wiggle. *Giggle*When a girl feels sexy, not only to you men get looked afted…but you also GET FED!

I’ve just got back from the nursery run and i did overdressed like any true Wunna would. I’m happy, i’m in love, i have the most wonderful little family. We all once again ended up in the bed and well hopefully today i’ll beable to enjoy a bit of good old sunshine. I’ve notcied the Brits being quite sceptical about the length of time that the sun will decided to put his hat on…however as always i’m positive and confident that it will. Why? Well because i’ll look like a twat in this outfit, if it didin’t and i just know The Gods of sexy wouldn’t do that to me.

I’m loving being a ‘soon to be’ wifey. I’m looking forward to my book launch. I adore being a mummy to my beautiful beautiful little girl and well any 31 year old that can rock a pair of booty shorts like i can 😉 ( i will get over myself by noon, when my extension falls off my head into wine) has absolutely nothing to worry about. I’m in a ‘dreams come true’ mood today and when i feel the magic, it usually always happen.

Let the boys be boys and the girls be kittens today and celebrate it. Love the one you have and enjoy them thoroughly over cocktails. I love ‘good mood’ Chrissie. I’m telling you, it’s my extension. It’s amazing what a few extra inches can do. 😉

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